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MYA’s new London Office the MYA Fitzroy helps to drive forward standards in the Cosmetics Industry

Posted: 20th October 2014 12:10
Cosmetic surgery is becoming big business in the UK, and in order to stay at the top of the pile companies have to be innovative and constantly striving to be ahead of the curve in both new technological advancements and patent experience.

MYA, one of the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery companies with 10 clinics and surgeries based in all corners of the UK in major cities, has now decided to take one more step it its business expansion and has opened up an office in the prestigious Fitzroy area of London. Home to several other cosmetics companies the new MYA Fitzroy sits elegantly in a historical building brimming with original features, and is only a stone’s throw from Marylebone and Bloomsbury ensuring that it is easily reachable through public transport.

One fantastic thing about the new MYA Fitzroy is that now for the first time you get a full in-house service. Beginning with your initial nurse and surgeon consultations all the way through to procedures and aftercare your entire journey will take place under one roof. Not only is this easier for the patient, it allows doctors and nurses to be fully personally involved with each patient throughout the whole procedure, providing a level of care that is unparalleled.

To help showcase all the fantastic new developments happening at the MYA Fitzroy, they have utilised Googles brand new ‘indoor view’ technology to provide potential customers with a full virtual patient tour of the facility. This world’s first for a cosmetic surgery company allows you to visit each room of the hospital, taking you through two operating theatres, a recovery room, anaesthetic room and a 16 bedroom ward, allowing you to envisage your journey before you even step foot in the building.

The introduction of the ‘indoor view’ is part of MYA’s wider aim of making cosmetic surgery more transparent, to ensure that high standards are kept not only by themselves but also by other cosmetic surgery companies. This has been further highlighted by MYA publishing their full clinical data of their procedures on their website, even broken down to individual surgeries.

MYA aim to push the concept of transparency within the industry forward, and have submitted a 100 page report offering an insight into the sector and ways to improve standards.  The Review Panel published an interim report on 31st December 2012.

John Ryan, MYA Cosmetic Surgery’s Chairman, comments: “Not only are we confident about sharing our new hospital and the procedures that take place, we are the only major cosmetic surgery provider to publish full clinical data and have an online forum for patients. For a patient to make an informed choice, transparency is crucial. We challenge other cosmetic surgery companies to be more open.”

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