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Second Genome To Present at Biotech Showcase Digital 2021 Conference

Posted: 12th January 2021 10:16

Second Genome, a leader in microbiome science, announced that the company is presenting at the 13th Annual Biotech Showcase Digital 2021 Conference this week. The conference is virtual and is occurring in parallel with the J.P. Morgan 39th Annual Healthcare Conference 2021.

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce Second Genome to the many attendees of Biotech Showcase and present the significant advances we have made in developing a product-focused, state-of-the-art platform based on computation and machine learning to drive precision medicine and drug discovery. The microbiome in our bodies has been referred to as a separate organ system and plays an essential role in defining us as individuals in ways similar to our own genes. Its critical influence on our health and on a large number of diseases and disorders, coupled with our ability to exquisitely analyze and mine it, represents significant opportunity for us and our potential partners," said Karim Dabbagh, PhD, CEO of Second Genome. "It is through the lens of the microbiome that we seek to redefine diseases allowing us to identify potential biomarkers and therapeutics, with our first program expected to enter clinical development for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in 2022."

About Second Genome
Second Genome is a full-stack precision medicine and drug discovery company which identifies biomarkers, biological pathways, targets and potential therapeutics given its ability to harness the human-microbiome interface and has the capabilities to take products through clinical development to commercialization. The company uses its comprehensive microbiome-based drug discovery engine to discover and develop both microbially-derived protein therapeutics and biological targets resulting from how the microbiome influences a wide variety of diseases including cancer and immune-mediated diseases. Second Genome's pipeline includes preclinical programs in IBD and cancer, with the lead program SG-2-0776 in IBD expected to enter clinical development in 2022. For more information, please visit

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