What is Wired and how does it benefit me?

Wired is a networking platform that allows individuals and organisations find other professionals in the corporate finance and business community. Share ideas, resources and information about you, your experience and your work.

Other Benefits include-

Discuss hot topics and key talking points from around the globe. You may even want to increase your exposure in the community by uploading articles/reports you have put together.

You can also create groups and invite others you may know to join.

How does it benefit my organisation?

Wired enables you to create a fully interactive page dedicated to your organisation where you can invite members, clients, suppliers, employees etc

On your organisation group page you can provide updates on recent developments, new articles and press releases. You can even send out messages to all the members of the group, highlighting upcoming events.

Grow your group and invite more individuals to join whilst providing key contact details for people looking to get in touch.

Is it really free?

Yes, there is no cost to use any of the functionality of Wired.

What makes this different to other social networking sites?

Wired is aimed at professionals in the corporate finance and business community. The focus of CorporateLiveWire is to provide news and information to this specific audience.  

Wired can be used by anyone with an interest in the area but is aimed at bringing the business and corporate finance advisory community together.

With many years of experience in this sector we have put together a product tailored to the executive professional.

…where other social networking sites are have no niche or focus- we do!

What information do I need to join?

Joining is very easy and quick, all you need is your name, company name and email address and you are good to go.  Once registered you can update your profile with any information you feel relevant.

Do I have to fill every section on my profile?

No, once registered you can come back at any time to fill in or add other parts to your profile.  Any section that has no content will not show up on your profile.

How many pictures can I upload?

Just the one, we recommend you use a professional picture. Anything unsuitable will be removed.

Can people tell that I’ve viewed their profile?

No, we do not provide a functionality that enables people to track who has viewed other profiles.

Can anyone view my profile even if they are not registered users?

Yes, it is a completely open platform and even unregistered users can view you profile so please do not upload private or confidential information. Any information we feel inappropriate will be removed and may lead to the deletion of your account.

What does it mean to ‘like’ or comment on an article?

You may wish to ‘like’ an article if you enjoyed reading the content or found it useful. If you feel you can debate to the subject or would like to comment on developments surrounding the area you can use this facility

Please note comments are monitored and any additions which are inappropriate will be removed. If at any time you are unhappy with a comment you can use the ‘report’ option.

Can I invite my friends and contacts to join?

Yes, we have a function where you can invite people you know through our ‘invite a friend’ option.

You can invite anyone who you have an email for.

Will my details be passed on to a third party?

No, we take data protection very seriously and your details will not be passed on to anyone.  For more information please read our disclosure policy and terms of use.

Can I have more than one account?

No, you can only have one account to avoid repetition and fraudulent use.

Can anyone set up a group?

Yes, as long as the group has not been set up before.  You will be the admin for the group and have the ability to add or remove other members as you wish.

Can anyone join a group?

Anyone can join a group; however the administrator for the group can have you removed.

Who is the administrator for a group?

The individual who originally established the group will be the administrator.

Are messages between users private?

Yes, no one other than the sender and receiver can read a message.

What kind of groups are allowed?

Groups for companies, associations, not for profit organisations, political parties, universities, alliances, governmental bodies and more.  
The group function is not for users to set up personal groups such as ‘Elvis Fans’

My question wasn’t answered here where can I get in touch?

Please contact info@corporatelivewire.com and we will be in contact with 24 hours.