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Laser Therapy: Amazing Results in Veterinary Medicine

Posted: 29th June 2017 08:50
Fast application and results. Safety, non-toxicity, and high tolerability: the laser-focused therapeutic solution proves to be fully effective in treating even common pathologies in the pet world. And not only that.

An impact with a stone during a hunting trip: this is the reason why Tom had to be operated on the deep wound generated. The 4-year-old Italian Pointer, due to the wound position and poor post-surgery care of the owners, had to also deal with its subsequent reopening from the painful, non-secondary repercussions. Stumbling, instead, on a hooked piece of iron in the ground as he walked with his owners, Niki, a 9-year-old German shepherd, got a contused and lacerated wound that, though promptly sutured, created problems afterwards that eventually led to a surgical curettage and the removal of an already necrotic skin flap.

How to help the closure of the two wounds in a short time, without pain and contraindications? Laser therapy applied in the veterinary field turns out to be providential. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antiedemigenous, analgesic, and biostimulating effects, it results in a rapid healing and oedema resolution, an immediate improvement in local blood circulation, a fast recovery of the structural integrity of damaged tissues, and a significant reduction of pain in the short term. The speed of application of the treatment also has positive effects on its tolerability even for the more restless or sensitive animals.

The confirmation of the value of this therapeutic solution comes from the experience of some veterinary medicine specialists who have chosen it to treat frequent pathologies in everyday outpatient practice.

"Practicing physiotherapy in the veterinary field," explains Dr. Jane McNae of the Hong Kong Vet Clinic 'Paws in Motion.' "after careful research I chose MLS® Laser Therapy by ASAlaser, because the benefits of this therapeutic laser are essential for the pain and inflammation management, and to improve the natural healing of the body in many post-operative cases in the orthopaedic and neurological fields, and in common disorders of old pets. I also practice acupuncture or acu-laser treatment using both the traditional points indicated by Chinese veterinary medicine as described in the TCVM texts, and the trigger points in the myofascial tissues of the individual animals. Even in this context, MLS® is valid, allowing you to act quickly on the defined points."

The fields of use of laser therapy are many, and, besides injuries and wounds, it also speaks the language of potentially disabling pathologies.

On the subject, the words of Dr. Martha Matallana, a veterinary physician specialized in physical therapy and rehabilitation of small animals, chiropractic and ozone therapy, DMV at the Salle University of Bogotá: 'The effective use of MLS® Laser Therapy is extensive, and covers, for example, both patients who, after an orthopaedic operation, must be able to return to their activity in the shortest amount of time possible, and also animals that are unsuitable for surgery that have to live with acute pain coming from problems such as the infirmity of the intervertebral disc. In both cases, the time factor is crucial: MLS® not only has short application times, but also offers fast recovery results ."

A non-secondary advantage that benefits pets like equine and exotic species. A comprehensive therapy already in its DNA.


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