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Fighting Back Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted: 15th October 2015 10:42
There is usually a common misnomer that Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia, is a typical part of aging. In fact, there is nothing normal about contracting Alzheimer’s as it is very much a disease. While it is true that it does tend to affect those older in age, there have been many cases of early onset Alzheimer’s that have shown up in patients as young as their 40’s and 50’s. Cases this young are only about 5% of the people who end up getting Alzheimer’s, which is why it is still often thought of as something you only get in old age. In a very basic explanation, this disease affects a person’s ability to think, react, and behave in a manner that is normal for themselves. What people might attribute to forgetfulness or a changing personality might actually be something entirely different. Unfortunately there is no known cure for this disease right now, but there are many groups raising awareness in hopes that a cure will be found. There are some treatment options available however.

The verdict is still out on exactly what does or doesn’t cause Alzheimer’s disease, however, mental stimulation is often considered a deterrent. Those of us that work later in life and keep minds busy, might stand a better chance of avoid this disease altogether. It’s often said that the brain is just like any other muscle in the body, if you don’t exercise it then it will eventually atrophy. Mental stimulation, like practicing memorization with simple memory games or playing brain teasers, can help keep an otherwise idle brain very active. Some studies have also shown that diet and exercise play a factor as well. A good diet can affect the health of the entire body, not just your physical appearance. Also, exercise can increase the endorphins and promote good blood flow which is one of the most essential aspects of remaining healthy. It’s often said that there is a connection between the head and the heart, and the health of one is important to the other.

Prevention doesn’t always work, some people are predisposed to the condition. This is where medical treatments may come into play. There are currently two FDA approved drugs, Cholinesterase inhibitors and mematine. These drugs help to treat the severity of the cognitive symptoms of Alzheimer’s. In order for additional approved drugs there need to be more clinical studies completed, which needs thousands of volunteers to participate in those studies.

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