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BioStorage Technologies Launches Global Biobanking Webinar Series

Posted: 25th May 2016 08:20

As an invaluable resource to nearly every area of medical research and science, the biobank has become a critical asset in not only advancing new medical therapies, but also refining the understanding of health and disease which leads to better patient care. However, establishing an infrastructure, processes and technology to effectively collect, process, store and manage biological samples and the integration of their respective data can be a challenge for research organizations.

With this mind, BioStorage Technologies, the global leader in sample lifecycle management, has launched a year-long series of three interactive webinars aimed at providing information on best practices for the lifecycle management of biological samples. Hosted by a BioStorage Technologies and Brooks Automation sample management experts, each webinar will highlight a specific challenge associated with biobanking and include virtual tours of our global biorepository, genomic bioprocessing facility, and innovative sample automation. The webinar series includes:

“The role of sample lifecycle management in today’s medical research environment cannot be understated, as these scientific assets have the potential to unlock cures for some of our most chronic, rare and devastating diseases,” said Brenda Slone, Senior Director of Global Biorepository Operations, BioStorage Technologies, Inc. “This webinar series is aimed at helping research organizations optimize their biological samples by implementing standardized best-practice methods for sample handling, storage, genomic bioprocessing, advanced automation and data integration.”

Serving hundreds of bioscience clients around the world and all of the top 20 global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, BioStorage Technologies is the recognized industry leader in comprehensive sample lifecycle management and genomic bioprocessing solutions for research organizations around the world.

For more information, or to register for this free webinar, please visit

About BioStorage Technologies, Inc.: 
BioStorage Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Brooks Automation, is the premier, global provider of comprehensive sample lifecycle management solutions for the bioscience industry. Offering flexible onsite, offsite and hybrid models, we provide an expert team of sample management consultants, industry-leading temperature-controlled storage facilities, global logistics services including our Relofleet® mobile biorepository, innovative sample bioprocessing and ISIDOR®, a transformational technology solution for sample and research data integration.

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