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Three Businesses That Could Be Worth Starting in 2022

Posted: 30th March 2022 16:09
Have you decided that 2022 will be the year you take control of your career? Are you tired of working for someone else and you have dreams of starting your own business? While there is a risk with becoming an entrepreneur, some businesses will be much more likely to succeed thanks to current market trends, demands and just the nature of the company. Here’s a look at three businesses that could be worth starting in 2022. One of these may speak to you and help you to forge your career destiny.

Launch an IT Support Company

With technology making its way into just about every industry and business out there, not to mention people's electronic devices, the need for IT support continues to grow yearly. Sure, you won’t be getting in on the ground floor, but there is still plenty of growth and profits to be enjoyed in this line of work. Opening an IT support company means you can work as a freelancer or contractor. If things go well, you can even plan on expansion, eventually hiring on staff and creating a medium-sized IT support company. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for computer support specialists is $55,510, which will be based on location, services and experience. And just as suspected, job growth is higher than the national average.

Start a CPA Firm

As a CPA it’s quite common to work for someone else, often in a large company. Many of the biggest companies have branches and offices all over the country, providing plenty of employment opportunities. But maybe the time has come when you are ready to spread your wings, you have the experience and knowledge, and you want to start an accounting firm.

Starting an accounting firm is something that Poe Group Advisors discusses at length. While experience and knowledge will certainly be necessary, there are many other factors to consider. Just like with any other company you need to think about start-up capital, your target market, what kind of competition you have, what will set you apart from other CPA firms, and more.

As a CPA, the median pay as of 2020 was $73,560 and the job market in this particular field is growing faster than the national average. There is promise and excitement here, and not just during tax season.

Pursue Social Media Management

Then there is social media management, which is becoming more important each year. Businesses of all sizes are now embracing social media, realizing what a huge and positive impact it can have on customer outreach, engagement and sales.

Managing social media pages has become so important that many companies are now hiring dedicated staff to do the job. Starting a social media management company can be perfect for those with a background in marketing, communications, and advertising. Companies can hire you to do the job for them, so they know it’s done professionally and effectively.

These are just a few of the exciting ideas for budding entrepreneurs to look into for 2022.

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