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The Future of Gambling: How Technologies Are Changing Online Gambling Industry

Posted: 18th January 2019 12:19

Online gambling is constantly changing with innovative technology solutions. Today, it is easier to find and access any online casino from a smartphone or tablet device. All you have to do is to check some reliable online casino reviews or just surf the internet. Even land-based casinos introduced digital machines for users. Taking into consideration an inevitable technological development, we will take a look at the online gambling sphere transformation.

First of all, we will discuss the main technological trends in the gambling industry. It starts with mobile phones which provide diverse gambling chances. The following trend is the introduction of virtual and augmented reality in online betting. With all these changes come security issues for gamblers. How all these factors influence the development of online gambling? It is a matter of fact and disputable story.


Online gambling features virtual and augmented reality elements. Augmented reality represents betting features in 3D graphics. For example, when you play Pokemon Go, you follow the gaming elements in reality. So, you are hunting Pokemon creatures all along your city, yard or place. On the other side, Virtual reality represents the 360-degree gaming world. Now, you can access gambling adventures in virtual world atmosphere. However, VR and AR elements are mainly present on smartphones.

Virtual reality slots

What we can say about slots future? Are they going the same road of virtual reality as other gambling chances? This is the huge question but real possibility. We believe that casino developers conduct serious researches about slot virtuality. With a present situation where slots are far from interactive, potential changes will be more than beneficial. If it really happens in the future, we can expect slots becoming more captivating for players.

Mobile Platforms

Can you imagine favourite casino sites on mobile devices only? This is the reality in those days when the desktop computer is slow, frustrating or even boring. You can play online roulette game for real money, enjoy blackjack, baccarat and favourite slot experiences. And everything from your small gadget!

So, what are advantages of mobile gambling? Firstly, we can mention mobile portability and convenience. Players can take their devices anywhere and enjoy casino places on the go. On the other side, games are available in two modes: app and browser version. App versions are more sophisticated with better design, interface, and smoothness. However, all reputable casino sites have developed well-designed platforms for the mobile browser. It enables players to access popular sites in just a few clicks. As for the performance, mobile providers work hard to make them look same as the desktop versions.


If we turn to the security, there are many things to observe. Not long ago we could see specialized gangs using the optic camera for hacking card combinations. This is now far from reality as casinos worked very diligent to eliminate all possible frauds. Online casinos now take the advantage of Artificial Intelligence cameras which follow the movements of players and potential suspicious behaviour.

Online Bingo and Poker

There are two games which adapted to online gambling as easy as possible. Bingo and Poker are flexible adventures which allow gamblers to enjoy them where ever they are. They attract millions of players today and have the perspective of acquiring a new audience.

Computers are very efficient in data transfer between the user and online gambling site. There is also the small value of data for exchange purposes. These gambling movements turned out to be valuable for the whole sector. It didn’t bring the reduce of interest among players but, on contrary, made players more enthusiastic. The same prognosis stands for the future.

Live Dealers

Live Dealer game is simpler than you imagine. Here you have land-based adventure appearing live on your computer. And they are easily approachable with a stable internet connection. When we speak about the future of live dealer chances, there are many potential changes. Except for virtual reality, we can mention customized experiences, first-person gaming, casino bonuses, lucky numbers, and dual play. For example, there is 3D roulette with option leading to Live dealer table. This is the invention of Evolution Gaming developer from this year. The next progressive elements are lucky numbers in the roulette game. Now, you don’t have only inside/outside bets but also random numbers from 1-5 for each round. Finally, we can talk about Dual play option, enabling players to play together with other gamblers from their homes.


So, where does the future go? If we take a look at the aforementioned categories, we are on the promising road. Technology is changing rapidly and inevitably. We are not in a position to predict future gambling challenges, but they are closer than ever. However, we can only hope that the future will facilitate our lives and gambling experiences. It would attract more regular players and make the casino industry more appreciated.

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