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Stocks on the Rise in 2014

By Webb Ward
Posted: 15th April 2014 08:39
Growth may still be slow in most leading economies, following the ravages of the past few years. This type of slow-paced progress can make people sceptical about investing in stocks and shares. However, there are some diamonds among the rough and a variety of companies which look well set for impressive growth in 2014.
If you are looking to invest in a well-known corporation, where stocks are unlikely to fluctuate wildly, then check out the following. Even if you don’t want to purchase stock itself, these are companies worth following if you are interested in trading online through leading binary options traders.  

  • Nike: The global sports giant has seen a rise in shares in each of the last six years, which is reason enough to be confident of a bullish 2014. Prices are reaching a particularly impressive level at the moment, and with a World Cup to look forward to, there is every reason to think the forward momentum will continue.
  • Twitter:Plenty has been said about the micro-messaging social media market leader that is Twitter.  Although stocks have plummeted in value since debuting in November, there are plenty of expertswho believe Twitter was overvalued to begin with and will give Facebook a good run for its money, particularly in the burgeoning mobile market. There are plenty of revenue streams open to Twitter, especially as its Big Data repository is a gold mine for a variety of industries.
  • FedEx: It may not be the sexiest stock around, but FedEx continues to impress. Revenues are expected to increase by 4% in 2014 and the easy to understand business model should make the company a solid bet for the coming year. The company continues to gain market share in the United States while also developing technical innovations, two additional positive indicators.
However, if you are looking for stock which is perhaps a little more risky but potentially lucrative over a short period of time, there are some exciting companies in a number of niche, growth markets. Areas such as social media, internet security and green tech are experiencing real growth. Here are a few suggested companies to look out for.

  • Yelp:Basically, Yelp aims to place ‘word of mouth’ recommendations online and last year it recorded an impressive 33 million reviews, a 45% growth since 2011. The potential for advertising is significant. No wonder Yelp expects 39% sales growth this year.
  • Telsa electric cars:Eco-friendly electric cars have had mixed success. However, Telsa’s performance in 2013 was striking and sales of its flagship Model S sedan exceeded expectations. Crucially, the Silicon Valley based company has a network of dealers, giving it an edge over previous electric car companies. The company expects earnings growth of 606% in 2014.
  • KEYW Holding:It is no secret that cyber security is becoming ever more valuable to corporations and governments alike. It is a trend which looks set to continue and it’s an area which is unlikely to suffer from cuts. As a result, KEYW Holding, which sells a variety of products to US intelligence and security agencies, will likely enjoy a year of growth.
  • Bonanza Creek Energy:Bonanza is a leading ‘fracking’ company. Although the process of hydraulic fracturing is unpopular with environmentalists, ‘fracking’ extracts gas and oil efficiently and as such, is probably here to stay. Bonanza has lucrative holdings in Colorado and southern Arkansas and predicts a 78% growth in sales this year.

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