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Quick wins for making your business more eco-friendly

Posted: 18th July 2019 12:22

Many businesses are now looking for how they can operate in a more eco-conscious way. Not only will this help for them to do their bit for the environment but also have positive effect on how they are viewed. This is down to the fact that this is becoming more and more of an issue and something that is being pushed by a wider audience. Several reports have already shown that a large number of consumers would prefer to buy from businesses that are pushing to be more eco-friendly. Here we cover a number of quick fire wins any business can use to be more eco-friendly.

  • Reducing plastic waste

Plastic waste continues to be the key topic of conversation and an easy change that businesses can make. Whether this be at a smaller scale such as buying less bottled water or using fewer disposable coffee cups. Or at a much bigger scale and packaging products. This is why many companies are now looking for the services from the likes of PPS, in which they now offer a returnable packaging option. This not only means that there is no waste from packaging but can also result in great savings. It is simply a win/win.

  • Promoting your business with eco-friendly products

Another quick win is to promote your businesses with eco-friendly products. A key example of this is with Truedor, who lead the market with their composite doors. They are firm advocates of staying green and continue to work in full compliance of regulations, in which they recycle 100% of their products in the making on the doors. This is instantly giving a positive impression of the business to current and potential customers.

  • Swapping to renewable energy sources

More and more businesses are now powering their premises and digital platforms using renewable energy. This is a great way for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their overall green credentials. This will also help to save money and reduce the use of fossil fuels, which is of course the rising issue at hand.

  • Using greener forms of transport

Transport emissions continue to be responsible for around 25% of the UK’s overall carbon footprint. This is why it is clear this is a key area that needs to be addressed. Businesses should always try to push and encourage staff to use greener forms of public transport. The first example of this could be through company cars and making sure these are always the electric option. Another example and one that has already proved very popular amongst many businesses is the Cycle to Work Scheme. This is incentivising employees who are cycling to work, through helping them with the cost of a bike and accessories. 

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