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Partnership is the key

By John Anthony Signs
Posted: 3rd February 2017 09:29
The design industry, by nature, is always looking to innovate and push the boundaries aesthetically and with regard to materials, specifications and finishes.
Whilst we will never be able to hang our signs on “sky hooks”, this constant innovation means that designers, architects, shopfitters and main contractors need to rely heavily on their specialist sub-contractors to find solutions. We believe that this collaboration is the key to finding the best results for both the designer and ultimately the client.
Expert knowledge is key to making some designs a reality. There are numerous occasions where suppliers inform their client that it is impossible to fabricate or illuminate their given sign design but with a little research and development, sampling and prototyping, a solution can often be found.
Many sign companies struggle to innovate and some companies relish it. David Fagg, the Sales  & Marketing Director of John Anthony Signs stated that: “we are one of those companies that relishes innovation and we have a wealth of experience both nationally and internationally across all market sectors, hence our strong relationships with many of the key designers and architects across the country. It is imperative that a consultative approach is maintained by our Business Development team so that we remain a solution provider that can genuinely help and support our clients to innovate and push the boundaries within sign design and fabrication.” Collaboration is the key to acquiring the best results.
Excellence has a value
The recent recession forced many to create trading partnerships purely based on costs but we have noticed how this has backfired: companies have seen a drop in quality and performance with their chosen suppliers.  We have always held our ground and recognised the excellent value that we offer. Our clients are guaranteed world-class advice, consultation, project management, manufacture and installation services.  As the great American President Benjamin Franklin said, “the bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.
High quality does not mean that we only offer services for clients such as Harrods, Mulberry, Issey Miyake, Calvin Klein and other large designer brands. We can bring quality to any installation even if the product has been value engineered to meet a budget.  Tailoring specifications to a client’s budget is a skill in itself.
David Fagg says: “looking ahead into 2017, I don’t think the market can sustain too much more ‘cost stripping’, as at the end of the day we all have to make profit. There has to be a shift whereby companies realise that they cannot keep ‘slashing each other’s throats’ as it is not good for our industry or for our clients’ businesses.  I hope that this ‘commercial savvy’ will continue so that we can all be profitable and stable enough to support our clients’ sign programmes.”
About JAS
John Anthony Signs is a premier UK sign manufacturer and installer established in 1968, specialising in high quality bespoke internal and external signs and graphics manufactured in-house at the 20,000 sq.ft., manufacturing facility in Rayleigh, Essex.
They offer a national and international service and have won awards for their export expertise, having shipped signs to 52 countries across the globe.
John Anthony Signs won ‘Retail Sign of the Year’ in 2015 and in 2016 ‘Architectural Sign of the Year’ and ‘UK Bespoke Sign Manufacturer of the Year’.
They are incredibly flexible, proactive and professional with abilities across all market sectors ranging from large high street rollouts, to stadia, museums and shopping centres.  They pride themselves on their ability to deliver complex projects that require craftsmen and expert knowledge anywhere in the nation or indeed the world.
They offer a full turnkey solution including consultative advice, surveys, technical drawings, structural calculations, manufacture, project management, installation through to reactive maintenance.
Whatever a client needs in signs, graphics and architectural works, they can help.

John Anthony Signs can be contacted on +44 (0)1268 777333 or by email at

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