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Managing The Transaction Life Cycle

By Müge Öner
Posted: 12th October 2012 08:51
As a member of Ernst & Young Global, Ernst & Young Turkey operates with more than 30 partners and 850 staff over four offices located in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Izmir.  Ernst & Young Turkey is very well integrated with the global organisation and enjoys easy access to EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) centres of excellence, as needed, which enables Ernst & Young Turkey to deliver industry specific and value-added services. 
For the last seven years Müge Öner has been working with Ernst & Young as a Transactions Advisory Services partner, leading the financial services industry in Turkey.  Prior to joining Ernst & Young, Öner worked in Andersen and in Finansbank across Europe; in Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands. 
Öner explains a little more about the company and the work she undertakes.  “Ernst & Young Turkey Transaction Advisory Services provides all kinds of services during the transaction life cycle, in order to meet clients’ needs from a “one-stop shop”. 
“Our team, supporting clients with their different perspectives and experiences, consists of 80 transaction professionals, offering transaction support, transaction tax, valuation & business modelling, project finance and lead advisory services as well as transaction integration services.  Ernst & Young Turkey Transaction Advisory Services has wide connections with 9,200 Transaction Advisory Services professionals in the member firms of Ernst & Young Global in 97 countries and has its own local teams focused on key industries and private equity.  We work with a wide range of clients to help them make better and more informed decisions about how they strategically manage capital and transactions in a changing world.  Our aim is to help businesses drive competitive advantage by proactively managing their capital agenda which determines how they strategically raise, invest, preserve and optimise their capital.  How organisations manage their capital today will define their competitive position tomorrow. 
Expertise and experience in raising and investing capital is the key enabler for growth.  Those with robust processes to identify and evaluate opportunities, while maintaining flexibility and creativity in structuring investments, have a clear competitive advantage.  Our experience provides us with the ability to help clients develop, evaluate and challenge the strategy, as well as the value story, around a transaction, providing tangible value to their decision-making process. 
Our teams work with many of the world’s largest organisations, fastest-growing companies and private equity firms on some of the most complex deals in the global market — experience we leverage to provide approaches on transactions of all sizes.  Through analysis of financial, commercial and operational data, our industry-aligned transaction support professionals provide insights to key decision-makers, helping them to increase value and reduce the risks and uncertainty inherent in transactions.  Our teams identify key value drivers, challenge assumptions about future performance, search for and advise on hidden value and work with other Ernst & Young service teams to deliver an integrated approach to our clients before, during and after the transaction. 

Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Services employs 9,200 transaction professionals worldwide and has experience of thousands of different types of transactions across all markets and industries.
Müge Öner is specialised in transaction support services and explains what a due diligence means to their clients.  “Comprehensive due diligence enables investors to better understand what they are buying before bearing the risks of ownership.  Traditional due diligence techniques often only verify the history of the target and projects the future based on that history; correctly applied due diligence techniques provides further insights and considers all aspects of a business.  ”
“Our clients around the world expect to be served by professionals who combine technical capabilities with a thorough understanding of their industry operating processes, growth drivers, regulatory considerations, and market dynamics. 
“Our increased investment in Industry Sectors strengthens our ability to deploy client service teams around the globe with the specific knowledge and approaches to help our clients address industry issues. 
“We believe that performing the due diligence in a “to the point and well structured” way is only a part of a successful execution.  Our real value for our client lies in our presentation of the findings and communication of our advice.  For us, due diligence is not only about presenting the historical evolution of the target in terms of accounting perspective, together with that, we help our clients with real and valuable advice in operational areas and assist them throughout the whole process.”
Müge Öner can be contacted by phone on +90 212 368 5405 or alternatively via email at

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