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Make your business an internet player

Posted: 17th October 2014 09:18
Back in the 90s, the most you had to do to become a successful internet entrepreneur was create a site with a moving pixel, instantly become a media darling and watch the money roll in. Soon, your pixel became two pixels and you were able to fill your bathtub with cash, diving into it like Scrooge McDuck.
Now, however, the landscape of the net has changed dramatically. With hundreds of millions of websites all vying for attention, your business homepage feels like it’s screaming into the void, gaining a measly 10 visitors in a month for its efforts.

Add in internet behemoths like Amazon and Play, and your business is like a whimpering David being squished by Goliath’s pinkie toe.

But don’t panic. There are ways to optimise your business online. Here are just a few.

Make deliveries first class

You know what it’s like waiting for a delivery. They tell you they’ll drop your package off within the century, so you wait in your house forever for them to show up. Then, four decades in, you find a note on your doormat that reads, “Sorry we missed you! We’ll try again next millennia!”

You don’t want to put your customers in that position. Find a worldwide courier that’ll offer cheap rates and deliver quickly to your customers. When you’re battling against Amazon (a company planning to start the delivery process before you’ve even ordered your product), you’ve got to be quick. So find the right provider.

Be sharp with responses

The average internet user will give a webpage up to four seconds to load before they close it. Four seconds! That’s an attention span that could put mayflies to shame. And if internet users are this impatient for a couple of seconds, just imagine how irritated they’ll be if you don’t respond to their queries in time.

To grab their mayfly-like attention span, you have to keep your customers engaged by maintaining an open, rapid response dialogue with them. Hire someone to cater specifically to customers or keep alerts on your phone to respond as soon as your receive an email.

Optimise to success

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the lifeblood of Google, allowing you to place keywords and phrases that the search engine will detect to match popular searches.

But here’s another attention span-based fact: an average internet user will usually only look at the top three search results before moving on. So, your page has to be maximally optimised. Hire a professional to make your website foolproof – you’ll be playing those major companies at their own game. 

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