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Investment Opportunities In Emerging Technologies

By Haider Ali
Posted: 15th August 2012 09:00

With the property bubble coming to an abrupt halt, turning to emerging technologies may be worth the ticket to long term financial gain. 
With Apple having a chokehold on the technology market - having developed their existing products like the iPhone and the iPad into a successful series selling tens of millions of units worldwide - we have explored the emerging technologies that may provide investors with the impetus to invest shrewdly.
In line with the fast-paced demands of the digital age, cloud technology has changed the way people use the internet and how they store their files.  It provides a mainframe to help run social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Of course cloud technology is there to be utilised and in order to do so one has to understand how the product works because it’s a technology that is continually evolving.
The basic investor has to understand that while websites run on computers cloud is distinct from those because it is able to exploit the resources from an array of computers that are at its disposal.  These applications can run independently aside computers and are as a result a cloud of resources make the hardware less significant than it ever has been before.
Cloud technology allows the user to take advantage of software, which is now web-based by taking it to a whole new level.  In a nutshell, cloud technology has freed software from corporate shackles.  Being hosted by Cloud allows the user to run Windows and Mac simultaneously and this is the marvellous game-changer. 
As a result more and more investors are looking to take advantage of cloud technology, especially on a banking and corporate level.  Independent investors with disposable cash should keep a close eye on cloud technology too.
3D Printing
If you thought 3D gaming and film technology had exploded when they first came out, one needs to look at 3D printing.  Companies are now using 3D printing to garner attention to advertising campaigns and with great success.  The very notion captures the public eye with its mesmerising pixels and general wow factor.
Many companies are turning to 3D printing computer aided designs because they are now being created in a 3D model without resorting to using specialist programming skills.  The advantages are clear as day to see because they save time and reduce spending costs, helping to boost profits, which is excellent news for you, the investor. 
There is a spate of 3D firms that can be invested in and this is the greatest indicator that 3D printing has indeed arrived.  Designentity and Cadventure are two of the leading firms to be on the crest wave of success attracting more and more custom for their services.  3dprintuk are also worth looking at on a domestic level but in the emerging technology market, 3d printing is really making a noise.
Synthetic Biology
Nature is a wonderful thing for sure but humans are starting to take advantage of emerging technologies within the context of biology.  The development of synthetic biology has enabled scientists and technologists alike to develop biological processes and organisms that can help the human body through protection against viral harm and other illnesses that it has to endure throughout its lifetime. 
Through the conversion of biomass into therapeutic and life saving drugs, emerging technologies have been made and pharmaceutical companies as a result are making an absolute killing in the markets.  Should investors keep a pulse on synthetic biologic advancements, surely, they will be on to another money-maker right here.
The Green Revolution
Many feel that the green revolution has been ignored, especially in the face of global warming continually rising at a rapid pace.  Despite fossil fuel lobbyists doing their best to marginalise the movement, it is still gleaming and gradually growing with a plethora of new green technologies that are being developed to appeal to investors and consumers alike.
For instance a variety of technologies have been created to increase mass of the crops.  Artificial fertilisers are a testament to the green revolution and as these technologies continue to evolve, not only will they be yielding greater crops, but they will also be yielding greater profit for investors too.
When put into context, the growing demand for food from economic powerhouses like China and India is only going to increase.  As a result the use of such technologies will put a greater emphasis will be placed on countries to reduce gashouse emissions, which means turning to even more emerging green technological advancements.  The green revolution is slowly expanding and definitely worth a punt from investors. 
Emerging Technologies Worth Investing in?
Technology will continue to evolve and at a pace unprecedented in human history.  Broadband, cloud technology and the green revolution are just a few genres within the wider scope of emerging technologies that will help shape our world.  But from a financial point of view, they will help shape investors decisions on what opportune markets will be worth investing in. 
With the dot-com bubble short lived, the housing bubble on the fritz and the green revolution making progress at an arduous rate, there is no doubt technological advancements will play a pivotal role in stock markets.

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