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Intellectual Property in France

By Nathalie Dreyfus, Emmanuel Harrar, Estelle André & Frédéric Marlot
Posted: 5th January 2016 09:08
In an increasingly complex economic and legal environment, it has become imperative to efficiently protect, enhance and defend the essential assets of a company.  Dreyfus’ purpose is to support its clients with all the flexibility and reactivity that its structure allows, while offering the most up-to-date skill-sets, especially regarding international issues in the field of new technologies.

Dreyfus has become one of the most influential Intellectual Property Law firms in France.  The Dreyfus team is well equipped to assist companies with particular expertise in IP/IT matters in France, across the European Union and worldwide. 
Dreyfus assists its clients when confronting issues through a decision-making process in relation to the management and valorization of their Intellectual Property rights, on the internet and in the real world. 

Dreyfus has a vast network and represents companies in arbitration centers and courts all over the world, in terms of trademarks, designs, patents, copyrights, domain names, new gTLDs, social networks, Google AdWords and IT. 
Dreyfus has become a master in issues relating to a company’s presence on the Internet.  Dreyfus advises major traditional industrial companies, small boutique and medium sized firms who are impacted by the rise of e-commerce with the increasing use of trademarks on the web. 

In addition, Dreyfus has established the Dreyfus IPweb® internet platform, an intuitive and interactive tool which aims at consolidating and summarizing all the information available to Dreyfus clients.
New gTLDs have created new tasks and challenges for companies.  The New gTLDs process has primary importance for the protection of trademarks on the Internet.  Dreyfus is the leading IP law firm to advise on this matter. 

The firm’s expertise, investment, innovation and creativity ensure optimal management of Trademarks, Models and Domain Name Portfolios.  Dreyfus is one of the leading French Law Firms in the area of managing and protecting Intellectual Property Rights.

Business Areas:
Copyright and Software
Domain names and new gTLDs
Availability searches
IP rights portfolio management
IP rights registration, audit and exploitation
Disputes and oppositions
IP watch through the Dreyfus IPWeb® software
Personal data protection
Contracts negotiation and drafting
Consulting and Expertise
Internet and social networks presence strategy
UDRP and URS proceedings
The main difference between Dreyfus and other Intellectual Property attorneys
With over 10 years of experience, Dreyfus is recognized internationally as being one of the few intellectual property firms with expertise in the digital economy.
This understanding of issues specific to the constant evolution of the economy, allows us to manage the uniqueness of our clients’ situation.  Whatever the mission, with the skills and services that the firm has to offer, we are able to find solutions that match our client’s economic imperatives, moreover, the unit for measuring time in companies has been shortened considerably throughout the last ten years, forcing numerous sectors to constantly reinvent themselves.  To cope with the competitive challenges in this instantaneous world, having the vision to anticipate change is extremely important.

Our understanding of the challenges linked to digital technology and the development of specific tools using the latest technological innovations, enables us to offer companies a unique and vital advantage: making it possible to succeed in the digital world.
Dreyfus’ innovative client tools
Dreyfus has established the Dreyfus IPweb® internet platform: an intuitive and interactive tool which aims to consolidate and summarize all the information that we make available to our clientsand has in fact become a point of common reference.  The tool is available as an extranet from a standard browser and consists of several modules:
  • The monitoring module provides consolidated access to all areas of the firm’s proposed monitoring (trademarks, domain names, social networking and paid advertising). 
  • The trademark management module allows for a quick overview of the protection status of a sign, while providing the most detailed information on each registered title or current registration information. 
  • The domain module provides the standard functions offered by a recording unit in an intuitive environment, while benefiting from a unique interface for managing intellectual property rights.
This platform also allows you to perform an online search and reveal the status of current files as well as all the deadlines.  Moreover, Dreyfus IPweb® enables records traceability and instructions to be received by e-mail and or directly via the platform. 
With Dreyfus IPweb®, the operating mechanisms are flexible, responsive and rapid.
Managing our client’s online presence
Month after month, the visible market share of trademarks on the Internet becomes stronger.  New situations for trademarks, designs and domain names have become apparent.
Indeed, trademarks are operated in advertising and communicationin particular for sponsored links such as Google AdWords, the majority of the time without the owner’s consent.
Moreover, the difficulty in controlling the presence of trademarks on social networkslike Facebook and Twitter is increasing considerably.
Parasitism and cybersquatting in the world of domain names is known to have multiplied in the era of new gTLDs  extensions.
That is why protecting a company’s presence on the internet is at the core of our expertise.
Promoting internationally-known trademarks in e-commerce, sometimes alongside official distribution contracts has become very important.
We will advise and assist our clients in optimizing their presence on the Internet, including social media platforms, all whilst identifying major risk areas, monitoring and implementing the actions required.  Our team will help companies to prioritize, avoiding wasted effort and investments in a world that is becoming almost infinite.
Nathalie Dreyfus, founder & managing partner
Founder and managing partner Nathalie Dreyfus, is the holder of postgraduate qualifications in IP law from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, and a master’s in law from Robert Schuman University, Strasbourg.  Ms. Dreyfus is equipped with the theoretical expertise to serve the needs of her clients.  Further, her responsive and modern approach to the practice of law is well known for its efficiency, especially regarding international issues involving new technologies, the protection of trademarks online and the new generic top-level domains.
Ms. Dreyfus’s practice offers first-rate services relating to consulting, trademarks and designs, patents, monitoring services, contracts, litigation and domain names.  She is a renowned expert consultant to the Paris Court of Appeal, as well as to the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Centre and the National Arbitration Forum.  She is a panelist in several professional bodies, notably the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation, the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre and the Centre for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris.  Furthermore, she is an adjunct professor at Robert Schuman University, Strasbourg, and a lecturer at the French National School for the Judiciary, where she focuses on developing awareness of new IP developments.
Ms. Dreyfus’s publications include Trademarks and Internet: Protection, Valorisation, Defense (Lamy Axis Rights Edition, 2011); Trademark and Designs: Strategy for protection, defense and enhancement (Delmas Editions, second edition, 2006), and Trademarks and Internet Domain Names (Hermes Edition, Volume 8, - no 1/2001).  Ms. Dreyfus has published numerous articles in economic papers and law reviews and is the creator of
With accreditation from the Trademark Clearinghouse, Dreyfus works with clients to register trademarks and offers cutting-edge in-house monitoring services to manage the digital presence of its clients.  The firm regularly receives awards for its service, and this recognition is evidenced in the fact that international companies trust Dreyfus to protect and promote their innovation on a daily basis.
Nathalie Dreyfus
Founder of Dreyfus, Nathalie Dreyfus is a specialist in Intellectual Property Law as well as a French and European Trademark Attorney.  Graduate of the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) and a renowned Expert consultantto the Court of Appeal of Paris, as well as to the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center and the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), she has gathered around her a team of skilled, experienced and passionate experts and collaborates with specialists in the field of patents to assist you in all issues related to the protection and enhancement of your intellectual property rights.
Emmanuel Harrar
A partner at Dreyfus, Emmanuel Harrar studied at one of the top engineering schools in France and is a graduate of the Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI).  As former General Manager of a company specializing in scientific software, he knows and understands the Internet technology field in which he has been working since 1996.  Emmanuel Harrar can advise and assist you in the protection, enhancement and defense of your rights on the Internet.  He can assist you on your Internet presence strategy, in particular on optimizing your domain names portfolio on legal, marketing and technical grounds.
Estelle André
Holder of an MBA and a joint degree in law and languages, Estelle is specialized in many intellectual property issues, particularly in the industrial and cosmetics fields. She participates in protecting, enhancing and defending your intellectual property rights, particularly on the Internet.Fluent in English and Spanish, she can advise and assist you on your international issues.  She also participates in the drafting of articles on legal news.
Frédéric Marlot
Holder of a Master’s Degree in Industrial Property from the Faculty of Lille II, Frédéric Marlot worked as a legal adviser in the pharmaceutical industry and new technologies.  He is also specialized in cases of phishing. Fluent in English, Frédéric will advise and guide you in the protection, enhancement and the defense of your intellectual property rights, particularly on the internet.
He also participates in the drafting of articles on legal news.
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