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Importing and Exporting in India – New Issue of India Briefing Magazine Out Now

By India Briefing
Posted: 26th October 2015 09:17
The new issue of India Briefing magazine, titled “Importing and Exporting in India“, is out now and available as a complimentary download at the Asia Briefing Bookstore through the month of October.
India has historically played an important role in global trade flows. Located between mainland Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, India has long served as a gateway to global markets. Today, importers and exporters continue to benefit from India’s geostrategic position; however, low operating costs and business friendly measures from the government have helped importers and exporters expand their interests in recent years.
In this issue of India Briefing Magazine, we examine India’s import and export landscape, basic import and export procedures, as well as the customs duties. In the first article, entitled “The Import and Export Landscape in India”, we note that India’s import-export landscape has remained stable despite significant economic changes. This bodes well for businesses that trade with India.
In the second article, entitled “Import and Export Procedures in India”, we summarize procedures that importers and exporters must follow in India. This summary can help businesses that want to begin imports and exports to start to prepare for trading in India. In the third article, entitled “Calculating Customs Duties in India”, we describe the most basic custom duties and provide an illustration that financial administration teams may examine to gain a rough estimate of potential duties calculations.
Importers and exporters will find a stable trading environment in India. The country’s geostrategic position, low operating costs and massive unified market are complemented by well-established trade flows and steady government policies. Importers and exporters that master current trade conditions are well-positioned to reap lucrative rewards as India’s investment climate continues to improve.

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