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How To Make Your Business In China An Attractive Workplace For Gen Z

Posted: 20th July 2022 09:53

As Gen Z will soon account for the next wave of China’s workforce, we look at key workplace motivators that would make them successful hires. For more questions about recruitment and employee management in China, please contact Ava Piao, Recruitment Consultant, HR & Payroll Services, Beijing Office.

According to statistics, as of 2021, China’s Generation Z (or Gen Z for short) who were born in the year between 1995 and 2009 reached 260 million, among which about 149 million are born after 2000. By 2025, Gen Z will make up the largest portion of China’s workforce and their choices will shape future employers and workplaces.

Nevertheless, Gen Z workers have been at the center of the Great Resignation, also known as the Great Reshuffle, which refers to ongoing trend of employees voluntarily leaving their jobs during the outbreak of COVID-19 to pursue a lifestyle not associated with the ‘work and hustle’ culture.

Looking at the evidence, it has been found that more than half of Gen Z employees plan to stay at their current positions for less than two years, and employees that plan to stay longer are pursuing a role change.

According to the survey conducted by China’s major job sites last year, the most common reasons for Gen Z to quit include finding a different job that offers better benefits, such as having more opportunities for career growth, better working conditions, and having internal career development.

Considering Gen Z will soon be the next wave of China’s major workforce, it’s now time to learn how to attract and keep Gen Z employees.

Clear And Stable Career Path

More and more studies show that Gen Z craves job security and career stability, hence, companies that want to attract Gen Zers must craft a structured career progression framework along with an organizational chart and performance management.

When the career development path becomes clear, the employee knows the direction in which they are working and becomes more motivated in the workplace.

Setting clear goals and recognizing achievements help them move up the professional ladder without causing income risk and uncertainty about monthly earnings.


Moreover, this younger generation responds well to being independent and do not like to be closely controlled or stick to a regimented view. Generation Z has grown up in a world where everything can be customized, so everything is about being able to adapt and adjust effectively to personal preferences with just one click.

Flexibility is replacing healthcare with the most valuable employee benefits, and a recent study found that globally Gen Zers cited work-life balance as their top priority. Gen Z wants the flexibility to manage their own time for spending quality time with friends and family and managing other responsibilities.

A Supportive Working Environment Empowered By Technology

It is important to realize this generation wants to be self-sufficient, but they also seek out trust, support, and care. By providing modern workplace technology and training opportunities to employees, they will be able to learn by themselves and identify areas where they can grow and improve.

Gen Zers are looking for companies that can embrace technological interconnectedness that supports communication with multiple generations in one workplace and encourage them to try new things and develop professionally over time.

Setting targets and using the latest tools and technology that can measure their success in real-time will encourage them to optimize their overall performance at work and allow employees to make their own case for promotion and pay increases.

Less Money-driven But More Emphasis On Meaningful Jobs And Recognition

Gen Zers are less money-driven than the previous generation, but they want value for what they earn. They are looking for meaningful jobs that can appreciate and acknowledge their efforts.

Hence, if you are interested in recruiting Gen Z workers, you are well-advised to keep Gen Z work ethics in mind and help them reach their full potential and craft a fulfilling career path.

It’s vital to know what motivates your employees and how those motivations shape your company culture. After all, what drives your employees is what drives your business.

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