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How Leasing Cars Can Benefit Your Business

Posted: 24th October 2014 08:57
Many companies require their employees to have the use of a vehicle, whether you’re running a courier business, or have many mobile members of staff. Whatever your business type, if you’re running a fleet, small or large, you may find that leasing works out far better than actually purchasing your vehicles outright, and this is down to a lot of different factors. Here are some of the reasons you should consider it:

Spread Out the Costs

First and foremost is cost. By spreading out the price of the vehicle into the monthly lease, you’re not placing one lump sum into the vehicle, avoiding depreciation and in many cases, even finance options will require a high upfront payment. You can take the lease out over whatever period suits you, which is useful if you think the business might grow or shrink in the future. Your accountant is certainly going to prefer this manageable, predictable cost.

Have Your Fleet Kept in Tip Top Condition

Maintaining a fleet can be a real headache, because there can actually be quite a lot to think about. Cars require maintenance, and depending on how many you’ve got, it can be a part-time job just working out what each one of them needs, having them serviced, and keeping on top of repairs. This can get very expensive too – repairs can often be an unknowable cost. With many leasing plans, however, the company you’re using will include maintenance, which leaves you to worry about more urgent aspects of your business. They can even organise things on your behalf, so that you don’t need to do anything.

Maintain Normal Operations When Things Go Wrong

Accidents are another unfortunate risk with vehicle ownership, and they really can cause a lot of stress and hassle – more so than just breakdowns and the resulting repairs. Talking with insurance companies, sorting out the legal stuff, and keeping your employees on the road in the meantime is a lot of time and work, which will only cost you money. Again, leasing companies like Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions can usually deal with all of this for you to make sure that your normal business operations aren’t disrupted too much. An invaluable service.

So if you need a van for your plastering business, or you need a fleet of executive cars for your mobile solicitors, then consider leasing rather than buying – it might make a lot more sense.

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