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How can team building lead to a productive workforce?

By Joe Spence
Posted: 1st March 2017 10:26
When you own a business, big or small, it’s important that you have a set of employees who get on with one another and understand each other's personalities. After all, teams that work well together often produce the best work. The whole philosophy behind team building is that you can achieve much more as a team than you can as an individual. In this age, businesses are all about the survival of the fittest. Team building has become critical to remain competitive and productive.
What is team building?

This is a process in which teamwork and cooperation are developed in a working unit within a company. In order to build an effective team, members need to have a shared goal. This motivation is to achieve objectives whilst having respect for one another. Team building offers these benefits, which is why Team Tactics are here tell you all about them.
What benefits does team building provide?
Inspires creativity
Science shows that a relaxed mind is a creative mind. Team building events help encourage this creativeness. They allow your employees to forget about work for a while, allowing them to relax and have fun.
Motivates Employees
When in a setting which is different to your normal working environment, employees are able to interact with one another in different ways. This helps them loosen up with one another, whilst competing for prizes can boost not only confidence but trust between employees.
The communication aspect of team building is arguably the most important. With team building exercises, the capability of your employees can improve dramatically. With clearer communication and confidence to approach one another, productivity automatically increases and corporate environment barriers are broken down. Team building exercises give leadership a chance to be shown just not as their boss.
Problem-solving skills
A workplace crisis can happen at any time. Team building activities that allow co-workers to solve problems can improve their ability to think rationally and strategically. Teams that can quickly deal with problems when they arise are the ones who can take charge when a real crisis occurs.
Team Building Exercises For Increasing Productivity
It’s the team that works together the best that really separates the winners and the losers. As members of the team need to trust one another in order to work efficiently and effectively to complete a project, each member will have to bring their best performance to the table. This in turn will lead to an overall improvement in productivity. Cohesion between employees is vital, so investing some time into team building activities can pay off tenfold. Companies can either organise their own exercises or use the service of a team building exercise service such as Team Tactics, whose expertise lie in specialised events for your employees.
What kind of team building exercises are there?
Whilst there are many team buildings companies out there, London team activities from Team Tactics are exclusive to our nation's capital. One of their signature exercises includes a treasure hunt around the centre of London. But what other kinds of team building exercises can you expect to find?
Problem Solving Exercises
Involves a group of employees working together to solve complex decisions or difficult problems.
Communication Exercises
Involves exercises that are geared at improving a team's communication to solve the issues that are encountered during the activity.
Trust Exercises
These usually involve engaging team members to create trust between one another. The exercises can vary in trust, depending on the comfort levels of the employees.
Planning Exercises
Focuses on how your employees can adapt and plan. This is important for when they may need to make tough decisions or when they are assigned complex tasks.

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