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Honda Expanding in the United Kingdom

Posted: 18th September 2012 09:24
 The United Kingdom’s economy has received a much needed shot in the arm with the news that Japanese car giant Honda has decided to make a whopping investment of £267m. The investment programme at its UK car plant in Swindon will help create many more jobs in order to boost their production needs.
Upon the good news Honda said in a statement “we are committed to the biggest investment Swindon has seen in over a decade”. Certainly one of the grander outlays in the automotive industry, Honda has contributed such an amount in order to help develop its new Civic models; a new CR-V model with a new diesel engine, which will get car enthusiasts champing at the bit to buy one.
Business Secretary Vince Cable, who has been at the forefront of encouraging British exporting and outside investment in the UK was most pleased upon hearing the news. Talking to reporters at the plant he stated “This is just one of avenues being pursued to help renewed growth and a balanced economy”. One cannot scoff at the figures neither as 500 new jobs will be created via the expansion leading to the overall figure to stand at 3500 workers.
Producing 500 cars a day is likely to increase further as the plant is forecast to make 183,000 cars. Within a three year time period this is likely to rise to 250,000, ensuring workers of stability and job security in an economy that is turbulent and rife with high unemployment levels.
The Honda factory plant at Swindon boasts quite an impressive resume too. They build cars and engines that cater to more than 60 of Europe’s nations. Also 60% of the cars produced there are exported to Australia, Africa and the Middle East, with the markets particularly in the Middle Eastern part of the world still growing.
The man behind UK Honda in the role of managing director was full of praise for Honda after their announcement. Dave Hodgetts stated “This investment programme underpins Honda’s commitment to the United Kingdom and the Swindon plant’s position as the cornerstone of Honda’s European operations”.
For more than 25 years, Honda has been at the heart of the United Kingdom’s automotive and manufacturing industry. Even during this perilous economic period, their commitment has remained unflinching and has to be praised. When taking stock of their pertinent investment in the car manufacturing plant in Swindon, it amounts to £1.5 billion. If Honda’s overall sales continue to prosper, there’s little doubt they will not continue on this committed route.

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