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Five of the Biggest Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

Posted: 29th September 2021 14:07

The manufacturing industry is constantly changing, posing new challenges for people working within that world every single day. The important part as someone working within that industry is to make sure that you are aware of the different types of challenges coming to your door, whether in the next six months or in the next six years. This guide has been specially created to help you keep abreast of the different challenges you could expect. Read on now to get the full and complete overview.

The Coronavirus Crisis

It is safe to say that the coronavirus crisis has posed one of the biggest threats to the manufacturing world in recent years, whether it was the restrictions of freedom of movement that was imposed by country shutting down their borders or the large number of people working in factories, especially in the meat market industry, which were personally affected by the virus. Therefore, it is up to you to ensure that your factory provides a safe atmosphere for workers to limit its spread.

Workers Demanding Higher Wages

Manufacturers are struggling to fill vacancies in factories because many workers are either demanding higher wages or simply reconsidering their life choices after the lockdown. Therefore, it is worth figuring out how much money you have in reserve and whether or not you are willing to pay these higher wages to make sure that you can lure these workers back into their jobs. It is worth keeping in mind that staff will only work as well as how much you pay them, give them a living wage and they will put the work in, but pay them a pittance and they will do bare minimum.

Bottlenecks in Supply

The globalized world was stunned earlier this year when the Ever Given cargo ship became stuck in the Suez Canal for six days, just showing how interconnected the world is when it comes to supply and demand. That is why it is important to ensure that you have a system in place to deal with a sudden lack of supplies.

Maximizing the Power of Automation

You should be able to have a flexible manufacturing system to deal with any issues that may arise in your company. One way to make sure that you are as flexible as possible is by embracing the power of automation. Nowadays, it is possible to train robots to move along the factory floor and move objects from one place to another with minimal stress. Just be sure to hire a well-trained supervisor to operate any autonomous machines you decide to have in your factory.

Lack of Digitalization

We live in an increasingly digitalized world, which means that modern problems definitely need you to step up and think about digital solutions. Whether it is a smart inventory system or a digital management platform for understanding when workers are coming in, and out of the factory floor, your business is likely to fall far behind without embracing digitalization. It is worth taking a look around your business to see if digital options can work for you.   

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