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An Introduction to Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP

By Dr. Tim Meyer-Dulheuer
Posted: 30th April 2018 09:41
Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP is a multi-award-winning and certified patent and law firm based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We advise our clients in all areas of intellectual property (IP). We represent clients throughout Germany and Europe as well as internationally in the areas of patent law, trade mark law, employee invention, copyright law, protection strategies, patent applications, searches, non-disclosure agreements, patent infringement, trade mark infringements and injunctive relief and litigation.
In line with our increasingly international orientation, we focus on the European, U.S.-based and Asian market. In Europe, the Brexit offers many uncertainties, especially in patent and trademark law, and thus also many opportunities for our law firm. We want to help as an experienced partner for German and European patents.
Our clients mainly come from all over Germany. But we also have several clients from other European states and China since we have international specialised attorneys as well. Thanks to our big cooperation network, we also have clients from all over the world, for example making patent and trademark applications in Germany as well as for the European Union.

Our clients mainly are midsized and large businesses and enterprises, but we also have small business applying for example just one or two patents a year.
Our patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law will accompany you from the outset, assist you in the development of patent strategies, work out patent applications, carry them through the patent granting process and enforce your intellectual property rights against competitors once they have been granted. We represent you before the German Patent and Trademark Office and as European Patent Attorney before the European Patent Office, the Federal Patent Court and the Federal Supreme Court. As patent attorneys we have a technical or scientific background. In addition to German patent law, our attorneys are also trained in European and international patent law.
Moreover we are experienced in licensing. The licensing business is a tried and tested tool, especially in the dynamic and rapid development of technology companies.Often, so-called cross-licenses are concluded with which two companies guarantee the reciprocal use of their respective patents. Deadline monitoring for renewals, opposition possibilities and expiring patents can thus be coordinated in a targeted manner, with country-specific know-how and cost-effectively. The cooperation between two companies also makes it easier and more efficient to abandon patents that are no longer needed and to develop new product lines or applications.
In addition to patent law, trademark law is one of the main areas of practice for Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP. Are you looking for a lawyer to advise you on trademark law matters? The trademark law support of our clients ranges from the initial consultation, which is of particular importance for smaller companies without their own lawyers, to the registration of the trademark and the enforcement of the intellectual property right against infringers. Along this path, we always pay attention to find a solution that optimally addresses your needs and possibilities. Together with you, we develop a tailor-made concept and put it into practice.
Our team of patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law applies for trademarks in Germany, Europe and internationally. If local representatives are required for certain countries, we have a dense network of correspondent attorneys worldwide who have the same level of expertise at their disposal and who also always keep an eye on the optimum for the client.
Even if the existence of an intellectual property right often prevents competitors from imitating a product, it may nevertheless happen that a competitor uses your invention - unaware of your intellectual property rights or intentionally. Then it becomes necessary to draw the competitor's attention to your intellectual property right, to warn him/her or to take legal action against him/her in case of lack of understanding in order to protect his/her own economic interests.
By granting a patent, the patentee is granted an exclusive right to use the patented invention for the duration of the patent term. If this exclusive right is infringed because unauthorised third parties also use the invention, the patentee may be entitled to claims for injunctive relief, damages or surrender of the unjustified enrichment. In addition, claims for information about the origin of the infringing products as well as claims for their recall and destruction are also possible.
Moreover we are one of the few law firms that have their focus on “Employee’s Inventions”. An employee who makes an invention during his working time has made a so-called employee invention or service invention. A drop of bitterness: An invention that is created during working hours in the company belongs to the employer for the time being. However, the employee is entitled to compensation for the fact that the employer can use the invention for himself/herself. We want to help both: the employer as well as the companies.
We are recognised experts and experienced in IP law:Employees’ Inventions, Trademark Law, Design Law and Trademark & Product Piracy. We assist you in enforcing your intellectual property rights or defending yourself against patent infringement suits.
Dr. Tim Meyer-Dulheuer is patent attorney and partner of Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partners LLP. This is a Patent- and Law firm located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) that aids its clients in all legal issues  concerning Intellectual Property (IP): Patent-, Trademark and Design Law, Trademark and Product Piracy, Utility model law, Licensing and Employees Inventions.

Dr. Tim Meyer-Dulheuer can be contacted on +49 (0) 69/606 278 - 0  or by email at

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