Virtual Round Table

Virtual Round Table - Intellectual Property 2022

In this roundtable our chosen experts discuss the latest regulatory changes, noteworthy case studies and the latest trends impacting the way individuals and companies manage their intellectual property rights around the world. Other highlighted topics include the impact of COVID, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and best practice procedures for managing large IP portfolios. Featured countries include: Canada, China, Nigeria, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.
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  • Connor Thorogood
    Boult Wade Tennant LLP
  • Dina Biagio
    Spoor & Fisher
  • Emmanuel Ekpenyong
    Fred-young & Evans
  • Nisha Anand
    Gilbert's LLP
  • Patricia McGovern
    DFMG Solicitors
  • Sonia Queiroz Vaz
  • Sumi Nadarajah
  • Tian-ying Zhao
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