Virtual Round Table

Islamic Finance 2014

In this roundtable we spoke with seven experts from around the world to discuss the latest changes and developments in Islamic Finance.  Among the highlighted topics, our chosen experts outline the relevant legislation in their jurisdiction, discuss the problem relating to the shortage of Sharia scholars, and outline the benefits and challenges currently facing the sector.
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  • Muhammad Zubair Mughal
    AlHuda CIBE FZ LLE
  • Didier Bruere-Dawson
    de Gaulle Fleurance & Associes
  • Omar Shaikh
    Islamic Finance Council UK
  • Mohamed Ridza Abdullah
    Mohamed Ridza & Co
  • Barry Cosgrave
    Shearman & Sterling
  • Rafael A. Morales
    SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan
  • Ibrahim Mardam-Bey
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