Virtual Round Table

Foreign Investment 2014

In this roundtable we spoke with 10 experts from around the world to discuss the latest changes and developments in Foreign Investment. Our chosen experts outline the current safeguards protecting foreign investment, consider the incentives being utilised to entice inflow, and discuss the main trends and strategies we can expect to see throughout 2014.
Click or drag up to four experts into the centre of the table to read and compare their responses.
If using a smartphone just click on the expert's picture to select them.

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  • Ihor Olekhov
    Baker & McKenzie
  • Ning Zhu
    Chance & Bridge Partners
  • Vincent Chang
  • Dubravka Kosic
    Law Office KOSIC
  • Svetlana Zobenica
    Law Office KOSIC
  • Hugh Naylor
    Trinity International LLP
  • Kent Wong
    VCI Legal
  • Samiya Fikree
    Vellani & Vellani
  • Ferzeen E. Bhadha
    Vellani & Vellani
  • Lance Jon Kimmel
    SEC Law Firm
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