Virtual Round Table

Environment Law 2015

In our Environment Law Roundtable we spoke with seven experts to discuss recent changes and interesting developments in their jurisdiction. We discover the opportunities and challenges of conducting business in the United States, Indonesia, New Zealand, Mexico, Italy and Portugal. Highlighted topics include: a look at the compliance risks in Indonesia including how to avoid receiving a fine of up to 3 billion Rupiah and up to three years imprisonment and the benefits of self-regulation using Texas as a case study.
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  • Karen Price
    Chancery Green
  • Jeff Civins
    Haynes and Boone, LLP
  • Daniel Basurto Gonzalez
  • Alexandra Gerungan
    Makarim & Taira S
  • Rachel Devine
    Minter Ellison Rudd Watts
  • Eva Maschietto
    Studio Legale Maschietto Maggiore
  • Joao Louro e Costa
    Uria Menendez - Proenca de Carvalho
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