Virtual Round Table

Cyber Security 2015

In our Cybersecurity Roundtable we spoke with six experts from around the world to discuss recent regulatory changes and interesting developments in their jurisdiction. Our chosen experts discuss key topics including: understanding the various motives behind cyber-attacks, outlining the different models companies are adopting to manage cybersecurity, and discussing opportunities and obstacles of big data. Featured regions are: United States, India, Germany, Austria and the European Union.
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  • Dr. Jochen Lehmann
  • Francoise Gilbert
    IT Law Group
  • Sajai Singh
    J. Sagar & Associates
  • Arpad Gered
    Maybach Gorg Lenneis Gered Rechtsanwlte GmbH
  • Hillel I. Parness
    Parness Law Firm
  • Greg Kratofil, Jr.
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