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Zogg Dermatology Joins Epiphany Dermatology

Posted: 12th December 2018 09:07

Epiphany Dermatology announced today it has expanded into Minnesotathrough its partnership with Zogg Dermatology, PLC ("Zogg Derm").  Epiphany Dermatology is comprised of leading dermatologists committed to improving access to exceptional dermatologic care.

Founded in Albert Lea, Minnesota in 1991 by Dr. Brian Zogg, Zogg Derm's providers and staff are committed to providing high quality, cost-effective dermatologic services in a safe and compassionate manner that enhances its patients' lives and well-being. Zogg Derm has proudly served Freeborn County and surrounding counties for nearly three decades and believes this partnership will secure the long-term future of personalized dermatologic care in the community. Zogg Derm's dedicated providers and support staff have joined Epiphany in a shared pursuit of top-notch patient care.

Dr. Zogg is a board-certified dermatologist who possesses a rare combination of compassion, 30 years of experience, and good-natured sense of humor. Practicing in a small community makes his work especially rewarding because it gives him the opportunity to truly get to know his patients and build friendships that extend beyond the walls of the clinic.  Dr. Zogg graduated from the University of North Dakota with high distinction, earned an M.D. at the Baylor School of Medicine in Texas, and completed his residency training at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee in 1989.  He commented, "We are extremely excited to form this partnership with Epiphany Dermatology.  We look forward to maintaining continuity of care and delivering the same quality care our patients have come to appreciate and expect from us.  Our location and excellent staff will remain unchanged. Accessibility, personalized care, and commitment to our community will remain our top priority well into the future."

Gheorghe Pusta, Chief Executive Officer of Epiphany, added, "We are pleased to form this partnership with Dr. Zogg and his exceptional team of caring professionals from Zogg Derm. Our organizations are well-aligned in our commitment to clinical excellence and access to care.  This is a great opportunity to expand our provider network and improve access to great dermatologic care in the Minnesota market.  Furthermore, Dr. Zogg's commitment to his patients and the local community of Albert Lea is remarkable.  We are excited to have him join our team as we continue to build a special company."   

Through this partnership, Zogg Derm's providers and staff gain additional resources to help with operations, managed care contracting, marketing, compliance, human resources, recruiting, and many other support services. 

About Epiphany Dermatology  
Epiphany Dermatology is a rapidly expanding dermatology company, driven by a passion to improve access to high quality dermatologic care in a values-based manner.  Through its partnership with leading dermatologists at 36 locations across Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, Missouri, Iowa, Colorado, and Minnesota, Epiphany provides general dermatology, skin cancer care, Mohs surgery, cosmetic services, and additional dermatologic services.  Epiphany raises the standard of dermatology care by making clinical excellence accessible to all patients, promptly in a warm and inviting environment.  Epiphany Dermatology is headquartered in Austin, Texas.  For more details, please visit or call (512) 628-0465.

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