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Toward a Healthier Nation: No Health Without Mental Health

Posted: 30th November 2016 08:50

The health of Americans is deteriorating rapidly due to chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. The debate over health care has resulted in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which has provided health insurance to 20-million more Americans than four years ago. But is the access to health care improving the mental health of the nation? The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is releasing a new report which is a compendium of research supporting the need to treat clients with a holistic approach that integrates mental and physical health.

Toward a Healthier Nation: No Health Without Mental Health is a national report on the status of mental health. It examines three promising approaches embedded in the ACA. Each area has the potential to be "a game changer" in how mental and physical health issues are addressed. The report presents strategies to prevent common mental health concerns, such as depression, from escalating into health-threatening challenges. The report outlines how the use of inter-professional teams from physical and psychological perspectives, as well as technological innovations, provide an additional layer of day-to-day support.

The research was conducted by psychology professionals who have witnessed the harsh realities of the failure to care for the whole person during office visits, in hospitals, schools, prisons, and on the streets of our communities. This three-part report argues the critical need to address mental and physical health issues as one process. The report is designed to advance the way psychology and medicine are considered and practiced. Toward a Healthier Nation: No Health Without Mental Health, also calls for more mental health professionals who can address the growing cultural diversity in the U.S.

"Our intention in producing this report is to shed light on some of the dark corners of health care that have been inadequately explored in the past," says Michele Nealon-Woods, Psy.D., president of The Chicago School, "and to serve as a catalyst for change that is so badly needed."

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