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Male Plastic Surgery is on the Rise

Posted: 29th January 2015 09:01
When people think about plastic surgery, they often tend to envision female patients, and understandably so. Tabloids and entertainment websites are chock full of images and stories about which female celebrities have or have not have had work done. This, in combination with the gender stereotype that women are primarily concerned with beauty compared to men, is enough to give anyone the impression that cosmetic surgery is a primarily female pursuit. The reality, however, is that men are, for the most part, just as concerned with their body image as women, and that—as society continues to become more tolerant of cosmetic procedures for both genders—the amount of plastic surgery patients overall has increased exponentially. As a leading cosmetic surgery center, Beverly Hills Physicians is seeing more male and female patients than ever before.

Despite cultural expectation that women supposed to be more concerned with their physical appearance compared to men, research indicates that men are almost equally concerned with their body image. According to a study conducted by the USC School of Medicine, 71% of men report feeling "significantly concerned" with their appearance compared to 74% of women. In addition, 65% of men reported investing "considerable" time and resources toward improving their self-image. This number is nearly equal to the 69% of women who gave the same answer. The only obvious conclusion is that, clearly, both men and women care a lot about how they look.

Though cosmetic surgery has been a safe and effective option for individuals looking to improve upon their physical appearance for many years, a recent cultural shift in attitudes has led to procedures becoming ever more socially acceptable. As such female-specific procedures as breast augmentation continue to rise, cosmetic procedures for men are also growing in popularity. On average, 30% of all patients seeking regenerative procedures such as eye lifts and face lifts are men. In addition, data from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that male plastic surgery has increased 121% over the past 10 years.      
The world class doctors and medical professionals at Beverly Hills Physicians are committed to providing first-rate treatment, and perform an ever growing number of plastic surgery operations for men and women alike. Though the aspiration for self-improvement for men is the same as it is for women, BHP's highly trained team understand intimately the nuances involved with plastic surgery on both genders and how to produce the very best results for patients for both male and female patients. For more information on the many outstanding treatment options available to both men and women at Beverly Hills Physicians, you can schedule a free initial consultation today by calling 800-788-1416 or visit their website.  The medical group's very friendly and professional staff looks forward to hearing from male and female patients alike.

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