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Lung Health Institute Gives Patients Hope for a Better Future

Posted: 20th August 2018 10:33

Armed with expanded services and a new, comprehensive approach to treating the third leading cause of death in the United States, Lung Health Institute is helping pave the way forward for the millions of Americans suffering from chronic lung disease.

"Chronic lung disease has plagued our society for years and every day, our team sees firsthand the impact it has on the patients we treat," Jimmy St. Louis, CEO of Lung Health Institute, formerly known as Lung Institute, said. "We recognize that so much more needs to be done to advance the way chronic lung disease is treated and that's why we continually evolve to meet the growing needs of our patients."

Since 1980, more than 4.6 million Americans have died from chronic respiratory disease, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which equates to an increase of nearly 31 percent in the span of a few decades.

"For too long, people suffering from chronic lung disease have been left behind," Jack Coleman, M.D., Lung Health Institute, said. "At Lung Health Institute, we look to bridge the gap between what's available in terms of treatment for lung disease currently and what's possible in the future."

In addition to introducing new programs such as the Anti-Inflammatory Initiative (AI2) designed to increase lung function by reducing systemic inflammation, the Lung Health Institute created an advisory board to guide research efforts aimed at accelerating the advancement of chronic lung disease treatment.

"We're challenging ourselves to push beyond conventional treatment to give lung disease patients hope for a better future and we're always in search of the next breakthrough that will revolutionize care," Dr. Coleman said. "All of our resources are being focused on slowing the progression of lung disease and improving the quality of life for those affected by lung disease."

For more information about Lung Health Institute's work to solidify the path forward as treatment options for lung disease evolve, visit

About Lung Health Institute

Lung Health Institute leads the industry in regenerative medicine and is among the first cellular therapy providers accredited by The Joint Commission, widely considered the gold standard of quality patient care. Our exclusive focus on and multidisciplinary approach to lung disease yields expert care for every patient, even when conventional treatment isn't effective or stops working. Offering a variety of programs and services including the Anti-Inflammatory Initiative and cellular therapy in several locations across the United States, Lung Health Institute has helped thousands of people with chronic lung disease improve their quality of life and Breathe Easier™. For more information, visit

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