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Infinitus Scales-up Health Literacy Initiative for World Health Day

Posted: 6th April 2020 10:27

With World Health Day fast approaching on April 7, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., a purveyor of health products and solutions, taps into its vast products, services and wealth of knowledge to improve health literacy of larger population. Through hosting seminars, forums, and partnering with media, Infinitus utilizes its online and offline platforms to advocate its unique health concept and champion good health around the world.

Under the circumstance of the world facing an unprecedented healthcare crisis, World Health Day is a timely reminder of the importance of health and wellbeing in protecting and fighting against diseases. Alternative treatments, such as TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), is reported to play a big role in boosting recovery rate. As a leading purveyor of Chinese herbal health products, Infinitus takes its responsibility of promoting TCM and Chinese wellness traditions seriously.

Infinitus has taken a variety of actions aimed at increasing the general public's awareness of health and wellbeing, whilst advocating the power of its unique approach to help boost the immune system and achieve physical and mental balance. Earlier this year, the company partnered with several media platforms in China, to promote the four essential habits of a healthy lifestyle. It has also teamed up with Southern Metropolis Daily and well-known TCM experts to offer a series of seminars across the country, as well as hosting regular forums on the benefits of TCM.

Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern science, Infinitus' health concept highlights three restorations grounded in TCM, along with four sensible habits to promote optimal wellbeing.

The restorations include optimizing vital "Qi" (energy) to maintain physiological activities and help bodies defend against pathogenic factors; balancing "Yin", which represents nutritional fluids in the body, with "Yang", the energy required for daily activities; and regulating "Zangfu", the principle of internal organs being physiologically interrelated, complementary and beneficial to one another.

Meanwhile, its four sensible health habits advocate a well-rounded diet, sufficient rest, daily exercise and emotional balance. Infinitus recommends eating more fruits and vegetables while consuming less meat and stop eating when 70% full. At the same time, individuals should stay fit and active by walking at least 10,000 steps a day. When it comes to rest, Infinitus advises to sleep before 11 p.m. and take a 20-minute afternoon nap, in order to help reduce stress and inflammation and promote immunity. Finally, staying calm, pursuing hobbies and maintaining a positive mindset can help achieve the emotional balance needed for mental wellbeing.

In addition to advocating its health concept, Infinitus has also introduced measures to improve the supply chain for TCM herb, as well as tighten quality control for the sourcing of raw ingredients. The company is diligently upgrading its business model, from planting and processing to research and development, production, sales and service to ensure quality is achieved at every step. It introduced the Chinese Herb Planting Management Model and established its own planting bases, making sure that it traces all ingredients back to their source to ensure the utmost transparency for clients.

Looking forward, Infinitus will continue to promote health literacy and healthy habits amongst consumers, while providing access to high-quality Chinese herbal health products and services.

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