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Fighting multiple sclerosis: New Together ad illuminates the journey of patient & scientist

Posted: 31st May 2017 12:43
Meet Laurel and Ian. Laurel is a patient living with multiple sclerosis (MS), and Ian is a scientist developing new treatments to help Laurel and the other 2.3 million people with MS live longer, healthier lives. Their emotional stories are the latest advertisement from the GOBOLDLY™ campaign as part of the Together series, which features the stories of researchers behind cutting-edge breakthroughs alongside patients battling serious disease and chronic illness with the help of biopharmaceutical innovation.

MS is a rare disease where the body's own immune system attacks the central nervous system. MS affects each patient differently, which necessitates various forms of treatment. In recent years, the number of new treatment options for MS has grown dramatically with 40 new medicines in development today. There is new hope for MS patients, who 20 years ago had few options once diagnosed. Today, many of the new advancements help prevent flare-ups, can slow the progression of the disease and include oral treatment options patients can take from home.

Amber Burton, another patient living with MS, recently spoke about her own experience with symptoms, diagnosis and ongoing treatment. Despite the day-to-day uncertainty of the disease, Amber is hopeful for her own course of treatment and the many new options being developed.

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