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Dr. Nutrition 360's Reishi Supplement Harnesses Age-Old Healing Properties

Posted: 19th October 2020 10:41

Dr. Peter Ou has the answer for most health questions. And it all comes in a characteristically Canadian package. As the founder of Dr. Nutrition 360, his brand is as accommodating as a small-town pharmacist from the Great White North. The easy to navigate, user-friendly interface of offers a naturopathic selection that is diverse enough to strike jealousy in the heart of any modern apothecary. Of all the products on Dr. Nutrition 360's roster, however, the Reishi supplement makes the perfect addition to any health-conscious individuals' medicine cabinet.

According to Dr. Ou, "Prevention is the key to sustained good health," and a strong immune system is ideal for proactive and preventive care. Some might tout the more, shall we say, recreational aspects of fungi-consumption, but Dr. Nutrition 360's Reishi supplement is a mushroom extract that supports a healthy immune system and promotes heart health. These 500mg capsules also act as natural antioxidants that boost energy and combat fatigue.

Certain classic video game characters consume mushrooms to double in size and gain extra playable lives. In the real world, reishi mushrooms have long been noted for the measurable impact they have on quality of life. As a go-to in traditional Eastern medicine, reishi mushrooms – also known as lingzhi mushrooms – have been used in herbal treatments for thousands of years. That said, the hard exterior of reishi spores often discourage patients from consuming them regularly. While the mushrooms have long been celebrated for their ability to improve one's physical and emotional health, the spores' solid shell makes them more difficult to digest than your average cremini or shiitake mushroom. Dr. Nutrition 360, on the other hand, offers a Reishi supplement that is easy to consume. By pioneering technology that breaks up the rigid shells of these spores, Dr. Nutrition 360's Reishi supplement provides the benefits of this special mushroom in an easy-to-take capsule made from a vegetable base; perfect for vegans and those with certain dietary restrictions.

Reishi mushrooms also contain triterpenoids. This compound supports healthy liver function. Triterpenoids are found throughout the vegetable kingdom, but have been noted for their prevalence in olive oils and mushrooms. A study undertaken by the National Institutes of Health found that after a single month of usage, the triterpenoids present in reishi mushrooms provided a measurable improvement in the energy of 50 patients. In addition to triterpenoids, reishi mushrooms also possess beta glucans, which are key bioactives considered to be responsible for their immunomodulating properties.

Beyond this miracle mushroom, Dr. Nutrition 360 boasts an extensive roster of GMP-compliant, FDA-approved supplements and customizable health plans. Owned by NutraLab Canada Corp., Dr. Nutrition 360 has NutraLab's extensive resources at its disposal, with a 75,000 sq.ft. facility fully equipped for mass medicinal production. A staff of doctors, naturopathic experts, and nutritionists allow for the creation and extensive quality control of top of the line products in beauty, bone and joint health, cardiovascular, energy, immunity, pregnancy, and stress management. Considering all of this, Dr. Nutrition 360 offers a natural answer to many health.

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