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Dental Associates of Arlington Introduces a New Way to Reduce Dental Anxiety

Posted: 21st September 2016 08:59

Dental Associates of Arlington is pleased to announce Sedation Dentistry into the practice. Oral sedation is the new life-changing way to treat patients with these severe adverse emotions towards dentistry. Sedation dentistry often involves putting patients in a near-sleep-like state, so that they are unaware during treatment, and wake up hours later with no negative memories of the procedure. Patients are enthusiastic about Sedation Dentistry with one patient saying "I'm one of those people who has always hated going to the dentist, in fact avoided it for too long recently (5+ years). I am a dentist convert!  I used the Sedation Dentistry option to have a replacement filling, crown and whole mouth deep scaling all done in one visit - tremendous alternative to all numerous separate visits." To learn more about Sedation, visit  

Oral sedation is accomplished by giving the patient sedation medication and/or nitrous oxide gas, providing a comfortable place to rest and allow for the procedure to take place. The doctor and staff attend to the patient for their treatment, from general cleaning to cosmetic procedures and even emergency dentistry with a minimum of interference and anxiety for the patient. For more details, visit

"Sedation has changed how we practice dentistry. It has been a powerful tool for us to help overcome our patient's dental fears and ensure a positive dental experience" said Dr. Rachana Vora, DMD, Dental Director of Dental Associates of Arlington. Dr.Rachana Vora, DMD is one of the few dentists licensed to perform Oral Sedation in Massachusetts.

About Dental Associates of Arlington

Dental Associates of Arlington is the premier dental practice providing General, Cosmetic, Implant and Sedation dentistry. The practice delivers comprehensive and convenient dental care for your entire family and is located in Arlington,

About Rachana Vora, DMD

Dr. Rachana Vora is a Board Certified General Dentist with a specialty in Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry. Dr. Vora has been practicing dentistry for over ten years and has performed over 1,000+ sedation procedures. Dr. Vora practices general and family dentistry including restorative, cosmetic, implant and sedation dentistry. Dr. Vora received her Doctor of Dental Medicine fromBoston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. She received a Certificate in Clinical Research from New York UniversityCollege of Dentistry. Dr. Vora is certified from the North East Regional Board, Western Regional Examining Board and DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation). For more details, visit  

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