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Biotechnology for Social Reform

Posted: 4th January 2018 09:34

Dr. Michael Holloway King is the first researcher to demonstrate the precise physical abnormalities associated with psychological oppression, among both children or adults. He notes that heightened stress and vocational discipline timed for the early 20s causes a permanent imbalance of brain function in almost all young workers.

The timing of what is now called "The Prefrontal Syndrome" may not be accidental, as this results in a passive workforce that is easily manipulated or exploited for life.

Dr. King vows, "It is time for the healer to emerge from behind the walls of clinical medicine and tackle the oppressive socio-political milieu where illness is perpetuated. It is time for a new and revolutionary branch of medicine to take a stand against the primary source of human suffering in the world today."

Michael King, MD is a graduate from both Harvard Collegeand Harvard Medical School and he has had over four decades of experience in healthcare and communication skills.

He has been called a "Patch Adams" more than a few times, and his writing blends wit with pathos. He is the author of six books, of which "Overcoming Oppression: Your Guide to a New Life" presents a treatise that may lead to a paradigm shift for the social and political sciences, economic theory, neuropsychiatry, and biomedicine.

This shocking book is an activist's dream model for creating nonviolent mass resistance to both human predators and to oppressive institutions.

New concepts such as "shame desensitization therapy," or "re-activation of the human love response," are part of his psychotherapeutic system. Dr. King has even invented a unique writing technology, designed to have the same effects as several biotechnologies using laser-guided, low-voltage electrical stimulation or magnetic interference of the human brain.

Sometimes true science appears science fiction.

The technologies are capable of helping hundreds of chronic, disabling, and otherwise untreatable medical and psychiatric conditions—illnesses that afflict up to two-thirds of the American population. They also produce mild euphoria, altruism and empathy, and a nearly adolescent level of romantic love, energy, adaptability, ingenuity, and autonomy. Theoretically, corporate greed and criminal behavior stop, ideological or prejudicial divisions disappear, and "approach and engage behavior" could fuel collective action demanding social equity.

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