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An Exclusive Q&A.

On Embracing Perfection

With Dr. Nikolaos Metaxotos ...

Dr. Nikolaos Metaxotos, MD, PhD, founder of the prestigious Symmetria Medical Center in Athens, Greece, talks to us about the latest beauty trends and what triggered the expansion of his practice into a globally recognized and accepted brand.
Dr Nikolaos Metaxotos MD, PhD is a leading specialist plastic surgeon, offering minimum intervention cosmetic procedures that enhance the ageing face. He studied at the Medical School of the University of Athens and qualified as a doctor in 1992. Soon after, he trained as a plastic surgeon in both the United Kingdom and Greece, where he was also awarded with a PhD on skin cancer and melanoma. In 2001 he received the European Diploma of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery and Fellow of European Boards of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (FEBOPRAS). Over the years he’s been known for publishing and presenting several papers on plastic surgery resulting from his extensive research in the field.
He is a renowned international speaker. Over the years he has participated in a large number of national and international plastic surgery conferences, often giving lectures or serving as a moderator. In addition, he serves as International Inspector for the American Association for Accreditation for Ambulatory Surgery Facilities International (AAAASFI).

Dr Metaxotos established Symmetria, a world-class anti-aging institute meticulously designed with customer care and comfort in mind, in 2005. Symmetria became a state-of-the-art medical and beauty clinic awarded with the Best Clinic Award in 2015. Dr Metaxotos’ vision of creating an environment whereby individuals can come and receive elite services to improve their appearance soon became a very pragmatic reality not only for local but also for international visitors, who choose Symmetria for its high aesthetic standards, excellent reputation and advanced techniques in facial rejuvenation, non-invasive anti-aging techniques and body reshaping.
In 2013, the American Plastic Surgery Practice magazine hosted Dr. Metaxotos on its cover accompanied by an article pertaining to his success story. Furthermore, his work has also been highlighted in British TATLER magazine and the Daily Mail.
Last but not least, Dr. Metaxotos cares greatly about giving back to the community as he is the founder of the I LIVE FOR ME non-profit organization for individuals battling cancer and other chronic diseases. Through his organization he conducts patient seminars, events and an application aimed at raising awareness in terms of introducing cancer-preventative measures, helping individuals already suffering from this disease as well as advising their family and friends.

What is your philosophy regarding aesthetic medicine? 

My philosophy is the absolute respect for people and their needs, their limits and sticking by scientific ethos. The approach I have adopted in recent years is the “MinimumIntervention– MAXIMUMEFFECTΤΜ". This is the current trend internationally in aesthetic plastic surgery, namely the selection of less invasive but equally effective treatments.
In general, Symmetria is characterized for its innovative design, high quality and aesthetics and comprehensive programs that it offers, with modern treatments to rejuvenate the face and body by its professional staff. The medical center has been running for twelve years with a vision to provide high quality services that guarantee the experience and expertise of its partners.
In its twelve years of operation, Symmetria has received several awards.
Symmetria attracts not only locals from Greece, but also a plethora of individuals from abroad, who for twelve years consistently opt to visit the center for its excellent reputation. The European Business Assembly recently awarded the excellent level of services and modern scientific methods and new technologies that we apply, with the international prize of the Best Clinic Award 2015. Symmetria has also been dubbed by British TATLER magazine for three consecutive years, as well as other international publications, as one of the leading beauty clinics worldwide.
A few years ago you launched the eponymous cosmetics line.
Symmetria cosmetics were first presented in 2008. They are a full facial care range prepared in the French Cosmetic Valley that incorporate the wisdom of nature and the achievements of modern cosmetology. The cosmetics also fall in line with the philosophy of “MinimumIntervention– MAXIMUMEFFECTΤΜ" that places emphasis on antiaging. For example, clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of THE ONE Non-Surgical Eye Lift cream from the range, as being able to softens wrinkles around the eyes (the area known as the "crow's feet"). In particular, after 28 days only, with two applications each day (morning - evening), there was a 50.24% reduction in the number of wrinkles.
Symmetria is particularly active in the field of health tourism. How is that so?
By taking into account that patients have been visiting Symmetria from abroad for several years, we designed a comprehensive health tourism program, which provides high quality medical services, accommodation in selected hotels in Athens and very competitive prices, of course. We work with Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso hotel, in one of the most beautiful locations in Athens, where one can undergo the #DivineYou detoxification wellness program. The program includes a special low-calorie menu depending on the needs of each guest, which is created by a team of nutritionists from our medical center in cooperation with the hotel’s chef. Moreover, the spa offers popular beauty treatments, all of which bear the Symmetria signature.
How is it that Symmetria became an active international brand?
It seems that we established the recipe for success. As a world-class anti-aging institute offering a comprehensive range of services applied by the well-trained staff and prestigious physicians on board, coupled with its innovative luxury skincare collection, its countless international visitor possibilities (health tourism) and the international awards and press coverage received, meant that it was only a natural progression for the brand to spread its wings to other nations as well. Furthermore, Symmetria is also constantly on the look out for new potential partners and collaborations in the different health and tourism sectors available so as to merge its knowledge and expertise with resources that will further aid its international expansion.
How did you choose to become active in the Middle East in specific?

I have met several patients from the Middle East in the years that I worked in London, and all these years via Symmetria. Many of them visit us regularly and the treatments we apply on them are particularly liked. On the other hand, we are always in search of new and attractive markets. The option of externalization is a worldwide trend. Globalization requires the redesigning of the company’s strategy and a switch of interest in directions with more fertile soil. The cooperation proposal made to us by Dr Abdullah Syiam, founder of Beauty Care Center, gives us the opportunity to expand our service range offered and of course, to tap into new markets.
Beauty is largely linked to a holistic lifestyle change. What do you recommend to your patients when it comes to adopting this lifestyle?
We recommend the Pro-G-Diet, a holistic scientific diet method that can change your life. The philosophy behind this diet is that diseases that affect most people are not only related to their diet, but rather with their lifestyle. By taking into account all the scientific developments, both in the science of nutrition and exercise, and the science of psychology, we created a new lifestyle change model. The Pro-G-Diet combines nutrition of low Glycemic Index with adequate protein intake all while supplying the body with the necessary nutrients for optimal metabolic function. One of the main goals of a nutritional intervention in the form of the Pro-G program, is the adequate intake of powerful antioxidants, such as lycopene, vitamins E, C and A, selenium, anthocyanins, curcumin, catechins and other polyphenols. Besides antioxidants, this way of eating will supply you with nutrients that contribute to the elimination of toxins such as heavy metals or air pollutants. As part of the Pro-G-Diet, you will be introduced to many traditional recipes from the Mediterranean cuisine - the healthiest cuisine in the world perhaps.
You have also further developed an on line diet platform. Could you enlighten us on how it works?
Seeing as modern people have limited time or are constantly traveling and unable to visit a nutritionist regularly, Symmetria, in collaboration with a team of doctors, nutritionists and beauty specialists, created the innovative online platform www.dietisnotforme.com, which helps those interested in leading a more balanced lifestyle. The platform is based on the highly successful Pro-G-Diet program. Anyone interested may speak directly to a nutritionist via Skype. Then, the appointed nutritionist will implement a personal nutrition program with the scientific guidance of the Symmetria team.