US TMA Acquires TABEXPO Exhibition & Congress

Posted: 28th January 2019 08:54

Princeton Junction, New Jersey based TMA announced today that it reached agreement to acquire assets of international multi-platform trade publisher and conference producer SpecComm International Inc., based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Assets acquired by TMA include the premier nicotine and tobacco conference, GTNF; the oldest tobacco and nicotine business trade magazine, Tobacco Reporter; vaping community stalwart Vapor Voice; tobacco farming staple Tobacco Farm Quarterly; and the leading international trade exposition and congress, TABEXPO.

The upcoming TABEXPO AMSTERDAM 2019 will follow the success of TABEXPO LONDON 2015 and is a marquee all-industry international showcase, networking platform and congress for the entire nicotine and tobacco community. The TMA's involvement will further enhance TABEXPO's profile.

Launched in 1994, TABEXPO grew to strategic importance under the dynamic management of British entrepreneur David Pike and the SpecComm events team led by publisher and global event director Elise Rasmussen. With David Pike's retirement last year, the TABEXPO license was acquired by British businessman Steve Fowler.  Mr. Fowler built his pet care business into a 50-store chain before selling it in 2016, and also served as a leading figure in his industry's trade association. He is keen to bring his trading expertise to this new venture and work with TMA.

"Having served as a director and chairman of a trade association for more than 18 years, I'm delighted that TABEXPO 2019 will benefit from the support of TMA and its membership, and look forward to working with them," said Fowler.

TMA was founded in 1915 to provide unbiased information to stakeholders at a time of policy and industry uncertainty, and act as a convener of forums to address pressing issues. Today, TMA remains true to the ethos of these founding principles as its members and the wider tobacco and nicotine stakeholder community grapple with pressing issues.  Chris Greer, President and CEO of TMA said, "Our members will now be able to draw on the huge breadth and depth of knowledge that the combined team will offer, both in traditional and next generation products."

Elise Rasmussen, the new TMA Vice President of Sales and Marketing said she was confident that TABEXPO 2019 would be the best TABEXPO event to date, citing the continuity of experience and know-how that the original sales team brings, now backed by TMA and the expertise of Steve Fowler and TEM. "My sales team will provide its in-depth knowledge of our customers, their business needs and objectives, which will continue to benefit from the history and experience of our TMA colleagues," she said.
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