Telelink and information technology merge

Posted: 1st August 2011 23:01

The two in network system integration and data technology company engaged ICT Telelink join forces to its leading role in the region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) continues to expand. Based in Holland Telelink Holdings BV acquires a majority stake in Austrian Datentechnik GmbH the transaction still requires approval by the competent authorities. After the merger the company will employ approximately 670 people. For 2011, a targeted annual sales of EUR 80 million (EUR 74 million after 2010). Both companies are focused on the CEE region. Information technology is represented in Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Romania, Telelink in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Hungary.

Data Technology's managing director Michael Blaschitz emphasized that the merger with Telelink is an ideal way to quickly cover the whole CEE region can be: "Austrian companies have in the past two decades, is expanding very successfully for the CEE region. In many of these companies, we have a very strong position as an ITC service and will allow them to offer virtually the entire region of our services. For that we are in most countries local offices. In addition, we have significant future cost savings through more efficient use of a larger pool of highly qualified specialists in the region. "

Telelink CEO Lyubomir Minchev credited mainly due to the expansion of faster and super-fast broadband networks with high growth potential for the new company. "This will increase rapidly with telecom providers, enterprises and authorities of the need for services in network integration. By expanding our geographic presence, we can create the leading and best-quality network system integrator in the region and serve this growing demand. "It was important above all that the combined product portfolio of services Telelink / data technology is very broad and" we offer in the near future a complete range of services in the field of network technology, "said Minchev. In the coming years he expects rapidly increasing demand for high quality network system integration services for fixed and mobile networks, driven mainly by cloud computing and video conferencing.

Also supervisory board chairman Karl Tantscher expects a strong market growth, benefiting from the tele-link and data technology to their merger to be particularly strong: "The ICT market in Central and Eastern Europe has changed dramatically technically and commercially. In particular, by global investment firms are also valid in this region, global quality standards for service providers. Telelink and information technology have been established years ago as a quality provider, and together the group will take, especially in its main business field, the field of business-critical data transmission and networks, an absolutely leading position."

Legal adviser to Telelink:

Corporate & M&A partner Phillip Dubsky commented: 

"The structuring and implementation (realisation ?) of this transaction was exciting and legally challenging: On the one hand we clearly represented the interests of our client Telelink while on the other hand we had to find a structure acceptable for the vendor to further guarantee their important role within the company for the future. This aspect was very important to our clients." 

Mr. Dubsky can be contacted on +43 1531 78 1901 or by email at

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