Tekcapital acquires exclusive licence to a new technology for the non-invasive measurement of glucose in breath

Posted: 10th April 2015 08:14

Tekcapital plc (AIM: TEK), an international provider of technology and intellectual property services, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the exclusive license to a patent-pending technology for the measurement of glucose in breath from Purdue University. The technologyaddresses the need for a safe, fast, accurate and non-invasive method for health professionals to analyse samples of glucose in exhaled breath and adds to Tekcapital's portfolio of patents for the non-invasive measurement of glucose which also includes a technology to test for glucose in saliva.

Glucose is a non-volatile molecule found in exhaled breath condensates. Accurately measuring the concentration of glucose in exhaled breath may allow for the non-invasive estimation of glucose concentration in blood, which in turn could be used for routine monitoring of the blood glucose concentration in diabetic patients. Currently, there is no commercially available device to collect exhaled breath condensate and measure its glucose level.

Purdue University researchers have developed a novel glucose breath monitor that could reduce the need for invasive glucose monitoring. The glucose monitor consists of a breath condensing unit that monitors the temperature, volume, and glucose concentration of exhaled breath along with a condenser for background air. The glucose concentration of exhaled breath condensate is corrected for the humidity and glucose concentration of background air that could deliver more reliable measurements compared to those of similar technologies. The blood glucose concentration is calculated from its correlation with the corrected glucose concentration in the exhaled breath condensate. The advantages of this technology is that the sensor system does not require blood samples while simultaneously reducing measurement complications that may result from humidity and glucose in air.
Market potential
The World Health Organisation estimates that diabetes is the eighth largest cause of death globally. There are 29.1 million Americans living with diabetes, a disease that leads to a 50% higher risk of death in adults. Monitoring blood glucose is one crucial aspect of diabetes management. Currently, monitoring blood glucose requires direct FDA-approved measurement from a blood sample, using a lance, strips and glucometer. This inconvenient and invasive monitoring technique often discourages patients from making the frequent measurements needed for careful regulation of glucose.  
The Directors believe that a non-invasive technology to accurately measure glucose in breath could be transformative to both patients and the glucose monitoring industry. If successful, a glucose breathalyser may become one of the monitoring techniques of choice for professionals in hospitals, clinics, doctor offices and schools.
Commenting on the announcement, Dr. Clifford M. Gross, Executive Chairman of Tekcapital plc, said:
"We are excited to have acquired the exclusive license to this important technology developed by Purdue University for the measurement of glucose in breath. This technology strengthens our portfolio of IP for the non-invasive measurement of glucose and we look forward to commercialising it with one or more leading medical device companies that can benefit by making it easier and painless for professionals to measure glucose in their patients and for health screening applications."

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