Swiss Medical Group Holding Acquires CoreMedica Europe

Posted: 28th September 2020 10:30

Swiss Medical Group (SMG) Holding Luxembourg S.A., leading the development of STARKS Age-Management in Europe and Asia, announced today the acquisition of CoreMedica Europe, to expand in Europe and the rest of the world.

CoreMedica Europe recently made the headlines in Switzerland for combining a COVID-19 Screening Test and Immunity profile with its existing home self-collection kit that allows customers to collect a few drops of blood and send them by mail to CoreMedica Europe’s accredited laboratory in Geneva to screen the anti-SARS-COV-2 IgG antibody and assess any previous infection to SARS-COV-2, the virus responsible for COVID disease, and analyze a set of 5 key biomarkers known to support the immune system (vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium) so as to receive personalized actionable recommendations to help patients build up their natural defenses against the effects of a next potential viral infection.

“In this epidemic and containment context the essential objective of CoreMedica Europe is to allow a patient to collect a few drops of blood at home without involving healthcare personnel and to carry out this serology test in a controlled laboratory environment. From 3 drops of blood taken from your fingertip, our test can tell if someone has been infected with the coronavirus in the past and can help to clarify their general immune status by assessing key markers in the blood” says Dr Jean-Marc Leroux, CEO of CoreMedica Europe.

“With this test we are putting our expertise in testing and personalized recommendations at the service of the fight against COVID 19, with a set of key biomarkers known to support someone's immune system and a precise summary of the results so as to help them strengthen their natural defenses against the effects of the next potential viral infection” says Pierre-Edouard Sottas, CSO of CoreMedica Europe.

CoreMedica expertise goes beyond COVID-19 serological testing and its competitive advantage lies in the personalized analysis of biological data on three main axes:

  • Collection of health data by means of home self-collection kits of a few drops of blood,
  • Analysis of large quantities of bio-markers, with a unique know-how developed over several years,
  • Personalized recommendations using patented technology applied in the field of immunity, nutrition, sports, and anti-aging.

“The objective of SMG is to integrate CoreMedica Europe's unique expertise in the field of blood tests and personalized recommendations into the network of anti-aging clinics that SMG is developing in Europe, so as to improve P4 models in the field of anti-aging and foster preventative care, thereby reducing the costs of treatments”, says Francois Marland, Chairman and CEO of Swiss Medical Group and Chairman of CoreMedica Europe.

SMG has already tested the market with age-management clinics in France, Italy and Greece, the on-going development of eight more clinics in Germany in 2020-2021, and a roll-out plan of 52 age-management clinics in Europe by 2025, developed either by organic growth or by the acquisition of well-known practices.

As part of the deal, SMG took over the operations of CoreMedica Europe in Geneva, the team and its expertise, the authorizations, and all associated patents, algorithms and other intellectual property, as well as negotiated an exclusive distribution agreement in North America with CoreMedica Laboratories Inc., a CAP accredited and CLIA certified laboratory based in the United States.

About Swiss Medical Group:
As a backdrop, Swiss Medical Group Holding invests in the development of companies and clinics in the health sector, including STARKS Age Management, whose activity is to offer a one-stop-shop solution in terms of internal and external age management, including hair, aesthetics, orthopedics, blood tests, digital analysis and health maintenance recommendations, as well as the distribution of well-being or anti-aging products, protocols and therapies.

About CoreMedica Europe:
As a background, BioKaizen, founded in Switzerland and born from developers of the athlete biological passport to detect drug use for the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Olympic Committee, has developed a mass spectrometry technology platform to identify a patient’s nutritional profile using dried blood. Following the merger with BioKaizen in 2018, CoreMedica expanded its offering globally to include personalized nutrition and sport performance information that empowers customers with information to help actively manage their health.

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