Software Radio Technology Acquires Patent

Posted: 6th March 2015 09:21

SRT, the AIM-quoted provider of maritime domain awareness technologies, is pleased to announce that it has acquired joint and several rights to a US registered patent granted in March 2009 (US Patent Ref: US7512095) (the "Patent") which covers the use of Carrier Sense Time Division Multiple Access ("CSTDMA").
The Company has acquired the rights to the Patent from one of its original owners and now is equal owner of the Patent with Mark Johnson.  SRT and Mr. Johnson have entered into an agreement to exploit the commercial potential of the Patent.
TDMA is one of the fundamental technical features of the overall AIS technology protocol specified in the International Telecommunications Union (Doc Ref: ITU-R M.1371) AIS technology standard.  The TDMA system ensures optimal efficiency of available bandwidth allowing transmissions to be managed dynamically according to the loading of the system at any given time. 
There are several variants of TDMA which provide different functional advantages and are thus specified for use in specific product types: SOTDMA for Class A, CSTDMA for Class B, FATDMA for Aids to Navigation.  CSTDMA is the radio access protocol specified in the International Electrotechnical Commission ("IEC") product specification for Class B (Doc Ref: IEC62287).  Therefore the use of CSTDMA is essential in any AIS Class B which meets the international IEC Class B technology standard.
Simon Tucker, CEO of SRT said:
"The TDMA radio system is the bedrock of the AIS system.  Our joint ownership of this CSTDMA patent has secured SRT a fundamental stake in the ongoing development of the AIS technology standards as well as new commercial opportunities."

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