Nilorn acquires Bally Labels AG in Switzerland

Posted: 13th December 2022 11:34

Nilörngruppen AB acquires Bally Labels AG in Switzerland together with two of the employees, Liana Zanin and Ayse Peter, who will own 10 percent each. The acquisition will be effective from December 31, 2022.

Martin Bally, the current owner, has been running Bally Label since 1992 and has for the past two years gradually handed over the operation to Liana and Ayse. Bally Label has been a partner company to Nilorn, successfully representing Nilorn in the Swiss market utilizing Nilorn’s services both in Asia and Europe.

The purchase price, which not is communicated, is conditional to certain external sales and will be paid in three instalments over three years. As a partner company most of sales are already consolidated in Nilorn’s numbers’ and the acquisition will therefore have limited but positive effect on the group’s profit.

Nilorn are looking forward to continuously good development and contribution from the Swiss market together with Liana and Ayse.

Borås the 13th of December 2022

For further information, please contact:
Krister Magnusson, President and CEO
tel: 0704-852 114, e-mail:

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