Myndshft Direct Acquires Order Simplicity

Posted: 21st November 2017 09:22

Myndshft Direct today announced its acquisition of Order Simplicity, a powerfully complete order management system designed to meet each individual client's specific needs. All of the system's modules interface with the industry's leading eCommerce Platforms, ERP Systems, Call Centers and Payment Gateways giving clients a full omni channel system. The convergence of Myndshft Direct's over 30 years of warehousing and fulfillment experience and Order Simplicity's industry leading order management platform will provide current and future clients a complete end-to-end commerce solution.

With this acquisition, Myndshft Direct seeks to integrate the full-scale order management capabilities offered by Order Simplicity in addition to the robust SNGL applications already available. With the addition of Order Simplicity, our clients will be able to further customize their commerce software. They will have full visibility of their supply-chain from inventory to customers all in one system.

"We're excited to welcome Order Simplicity to the team. They bring a wealth of experience and a modern technology stack for e-commerce and direct to consumer customers. The acquisition of Order Simplicity reinforces our position as the leading digitally enabled fulfillment provider for modern direct to consumer businesses," said Ron Wince, Founder and CEO of Myndshft.

The Order Simplicity platform provides a central hub for all business activity and allows clients to see all of their business processes through a single interface. Myndshft Direct is excited to integrate all that Order Simplicity has to offer in order to continue to provide our clients with the most innovative and reliable technology.

About Myndshft Direct

Myndshft Direct enables companies to seamlessly cross the chasm from physical supply chain to digital commerce through the application of industry leading processes and the most modern technology available. We understand that at the end of every order is a person and we're dedicated to helping our clients deepen customer relationships by delivering the perfect order every time. For more information on Myndshft Direct, visit

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