Mibelle invests in Hallam Beauty

Posted: 25th April 2011 12:10

Mibelle AG Cosmetics is acquiring a majority stake in Hallam Beauty Ltd and is thus expanding its strong position in the business with cosmetics and hygiene products at international level.

Mibelle, a subsidiary of €14.5bn Swiss conglomerate, Migros, is one of Europe's foremost personal care companies and has acquired the £37m turnover business to further build its presence in the UK. Hallam, itself a subsidiary of Sheffield-based GRI Group, is one of the largest manufacturers of its kind in the country and supplies its white-label hair, skin, sun and babycare products to a number of leading UK supermarket chains. 

Hallam Beauty Ltd, which has its registered office in Bradford (UK), was established in 2005 by the GRI Group and with 270 employees is one of the largest and most successful independent cosmetics manufacturers in England today. Over this period, turnover has more than quadrupled, to GBP 37 million in total. 

Hallam Beauty will further strengthen Mibelle, which has specialised very successfully in the development and manufacture of low-cost, high-quality own brands, and facilitate Mibelle's access to the cosmetics market in England. Thanks to its pronounced expertise in developing tailor-made overall solutions quickly with international retail partners, Mibelle already generates more than half of its annual turnover with exports today. Hallam Beauty for its part will benefit from Mibelle's innovative research department, Mibelle Biochemistry. 


Corporate Finance advisers to Mibelle AG

Philip Nuttall partner

"Having liaised with our IMAP colleagues in Switzerland, we agreed that cross-border collaboration was necessary to achieve the best outcome for the client. With our strong knowledge of the UK market and long-established network within the chemicals sector, we introduced Mibelle to the vendor and assisted the buyer throughout the deal process.

"Hallam fits the bill for Mibelle. As well as excellent growth prospects, the business has a loyal stable of suppliers and already provides its white label products to some of the UK's leading retailers. The deal represents a key acquisition in Mibelle's global expansion plans and a major step in Hallam's progression, taking into account the increased resources and opportunities its new parent, Migros, can provide."

Mr Nuttall can be contacted on +44 (0) 845 052 0343 or by email at

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