Maru Group acquires social listening software Lissted

Posted: 20th September 2018 09:01

 Maru Group, the technology-enabled market and customer insights Group, today announces its acquisition of Lissted, the cutting-edge social listening software. The integration of the software into Maru is the latest in a number of significant developments for the Group and will enhance its capabilities, enabling it to remain at the forefront of digital insights.

Founded in 2015, Lissted is highly-efficient software that enables its users to identify key influencers in relevant online communities, gain real-time insights from social media conversations, and engage with targeted clients and customers. The software has four embedded algorithms that are exclusive to and wholly owned by Lissted, which can be used to analyze real world influencers and understand who and what matters most to different communities, across multiple online sources including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Lissted has multiple applications and has been utilized in a variety of scenarios such as audience identification and outreach, stakeholder reaction tracking and engagement, and in the development of marketing strategies.

The acquisition of Lissted follows a series of recent exciting developments for Maru after its acquisition of Hispanic panel Tú Cuentas, opening of a new hub in Buenos Aires and launch of Maru/Blue in April 2018. Maru’s acquisition of Lissted will enable the continued development of the software, which has significant growth potential through the extension of its algorithms to other social media platforms such as Instagram.

Ged Parton, CEO of Maru Group commented: “Lissted’s innovative ability to cut through the noise of social media makes it a formidable, cutting-edge piece of technology. Whilst it may be relatively simple to understand what is popular on social media, the key to meaningful insights is understanding what is influential. Maru’s strategic acquisition of Lissted will equip our clients with even greater targeted, relevant and real-time social media insights. We are excited to bring the software on board.”

About Maru Group

Maru Group (“Maru” or “The Group”) is a technology-enabled market and customer insights company, whose brands are leading the way in the provision of research, insight and advisory services powered by cutting-edge technology and innovation. The Group is quickly emerging as an exciting challenger brand, disrupting the traditional market research and insights industry.

Established in 2016 by industry veteran Ged Parton, Maru uses in-depth knowledge of industry sectors and its state-of-the-art technologies to equip its clients with targeted and relevant insights at speed. These insights enable Maru’s clients to adapt their corporate strategy and innovate quickly to stay ahead of the competition.

The Group is developing a portfolio of market-leading companies with growth characteristics, talented management teams and collaborative cultures that prize intellectual generosity.

Maru is backed by Primary Capital Partners LLP, a UK-based provider of private equity finance for high potential and growth companies.

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