Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Acquires Southern Cross Botanicals

Posted: 25th June 2013 08:34

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Unipex Group, and leading company in the field of innovative active and functional ingredients for the cosmetics industry, have announced that it has acquired Southern Cross Botanicals, the leading supplier of Australian botanical ingredients.  This acquisition will expand the Lucas Meyer Cosmetics product line and is perfectly in line with its corporate vision, which focuses on innovation and client satisfaction.
Southern Cross Botanicals, headquartered in New South Wales near Byron Bay in Australia, is recognised as the world's leading reference for the development of innovative botanical ingredients derived from Australian native plants (botanical extracts, certified organic extracts, active ingredients, essential oils, vegetable oils and exfoliants).  Over the years, Southern Cross Botanicals has built a solid portfolio of products sourced in an ethical and sustainable manner without degradation to the environment, at fair market price from indigenous and non-indigenous growers and plant collectors, as well as from the company’s own plantations in Australia.   
Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is the business unit of Unipex Group that develops, manufactures and markets innovative ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care industry.  They offer active ingredients, functional ingredients and delivery systems from a variety of sources.  Their active ingredients are designed to maintain the body’s natural reactions, strengthen its defences against environmental aggressions, delay the signs of aging and address other modern-day cosmetic challenges.  Their functional ingredients deliver unique texture, skin feel and optimal product performance.  The Lucas Meyer Cosmetics team is comprised of scientists and sales and marketing professionals located in Canada, France, Australia and the US.  Also part of the Lucas Meyer Cosmetics family is IRIS, a subsidiary based in France specialising in cosmetovigilance and consumer testing. 
“This acquisition will strengthen our position as a provider of distinctive natural ingredients combining unique properties and exotic marketing stories.  We will now have access to a pipeline of over 1000 new botanical ingredients derived from the rich biodiversity of Australia, which hosts over 20,000 endemic plant species from the rainforest, desert and sea for the development of products.  Over the next year we plan on fast-tracking the development of several new innovative botanical ingredients for cosmetic and personal care applications, which we have identified as having significant potential.  We aim to build the Southern Cross Botanicals brand with increased offers to our existing customer base, and by establishing new long-term orientated customer relationships based upon unparalleled service and innovation,” said Antonio Lara, Vice President and General Manager of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics.
“The synergies between Lucas Meyer Cosmetics and Southern Cross Botanicals are undeniable.  The coming years will be a very exciting time for the company as we bring to market some truly innovative botanical ingredients that will offer our customers real differentiation on the market,” commented Mikel Priest, co-owner of Southern Cross Botanicals, who will continue to manage the business in Australia.
With this acquisition, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics affirms its position as a leader in the cosmetic and personal care industry, providing customers with unique, innovative, ethical and sustainable ingredients that offer outstanding consumer benefits.
WCA Chartered Accountants provided taxation and corporate structuring advice to Southern Cross Botanicals in preparation of the acquisition and were heavily involved in assisting their client through the due diligence process.  WCA Chartered Accountants is a full service firm providing accounting, auditing and taxation advisory services to corporate and business enterprises.  WCA Chartered Accountants was founded in 1922 and has grown in both size and reputation to become a large regionally based accounting services firm in Australian.
Accounting and Business Services Advisor to Southern Cross Botanicals
Partner Graham Smith commented:
Our firm has developed extensive knowledge and wide spread firsthand experience in understanding many businesses, in many sectors, that operate regionally, domestically and internationally. 
It is with this understanding and our forward thinking that encompasses our Solution Driven approach which is evident whilst working with our clients, their executives, other professional advisors and counter parties to the transactions that our clients may become involved in to produce successful outcomes.”
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