Investec Holdings to acquire a majority interest in Neontar Limited

Posted: 27th January 2012 10:52

Investec plc has entered into a share purchase agreement pursuant to which its wholly owned subsidiary, Investec Holdings (Ireland) Limited ("Investec Ireland"), will acquire a majority interest in Neontar Limited (the "SPA"). Neontar Limited owns the NCB Group ("NCB"), one of Ireland's leading corporate finance and wealth and investment firms.

Investec Ireland will also make an offer (the "Offer") to acquire all of the ordinary shares of Neontar Limited from those shareholders of Neontar Limited who are not party to the SPA.

The consideration for the shares will be an amount equal to EURO4.35 million plus the net asset value of Neontar Limited as at completion, to be satisfied by Investec Ireland in cash. There may also be deferred payments to the sellers, dependant on the recovery of certain amounts by NCB. Net asset value of Neontar Limited is estimated to be EURO28 million.  At the election of Investec, the consideration may alternatively be satisfied by the issue of ordinary or preference shares by Investec plc, or a combination of cash and shares.

The sellers under the SPA are Quinn Financial Services Holdings Limited, Narcissus Limited, Conor O'Kelly, Ben Conte, Breffni Byrne, Martin Doyle, Paul Chew, John Sheehan, Alan Duff, Nigel Poynton, Greg Dilger, Eddie Clarke, Tommy Conway, Brian Delaney, Liam Booth, Graham O'Brien, Ed Murray, Brian Bolger, Bobby Hasset, Andrew Ennis, Michael Murphy, Fiona Mulhall, Paul Cullinane, James Sheeran.

The SPA is conditional, inter alia, on Investec acquiring, prior to completion, 100 per cent of Neontar Limited pursuant to the SPA and the Offer and on obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals, with completion expected during the second quarter of 2012.

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