Hutton Collins Partners Invests in Dedalus

Posted: 11th March 2014 08:53

Hutton Collins, a UK based provider of preferred capital, with the aid of DVRCAPITAL, who acted as exclusive financial adviser in the transaction, has invested €50 million in Dedalus Group, a leading Italian healthcare IT company.
Dedalus Group, which has its head office in Florence, is currently the largest healthcare IT business in Italy, with revenues of around €70 million and EBITDA of €17 million. The company does business in 12 countries worldwide and has strengthened its position in recent years, creating an Italian healthcare ICT hub, bringing together over 30 companies in Italy and the rest of the world.
With 12 branches in Italy, 18 offices worldwide and a staff of over 900, 280 of them abroad, Dedalus provides daily support to its clients in four business areas: clinical area, GPs, health and interoperability platforms. Around 30-40% of its turnover is expected to come from international markets by the end of 2016.
DVRCAPITAL’s engagement included assisting the investor in negotiating with the target’s shareholders and management, analysing the target’s performance and elaborating a financial model to support decision making.
Mr Gualmini, DVRCAPITAL Partner, said: “The deal turned out to be of great advantage to Dedalus, as the investment made by Hutton Collins not only allowed the exit of some shareholders but also provided the company with the financial resources necessary to boost its expansion abroad.”
“The preferred equity provided by Hutton Collins is not so well-known in Italy and, given its peculiari­ties, in certain specific situations can represent a very useful financial tool”,added Mr Daveri, DVRCAPITAL CEO. 
Carlo Daveri, Chairman and CEO
+39 02 762 3261
Nicola Gualmini, Partner
+39 02 762 3261

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