Gaetano Holdings Acquires Komi Oil Refinery

Posted: 4th December 2015 08:42

CEO of Gaetano Holdings Ltd(London) and its subsidiary Gaetano Llc (Chicago), Excellency Youness Fathi, is excited to announce the final acquisition of Komi Oil Ltd (Komi Republic, Russia), a major Russian Petroleum Refinery for $5 billion US.

Komi Oil Ltd fields (South-Zverinetsky & Zverinetsky-2) represent 4,4 billion barrels of oil.

The firm acts as both a shareholder and a co-manager participating in the creation, development, and, if necessary, the new management structure of the projects they invest in.

Gaetano Holdings has several subsidiaries in major countries such as Switzerland, Spain, Singapore, Hong-Kong, India, UAE, and lately USA. The company's capital is $1 billion US, however, Gaetano's numbers do not stop there. Their current portfolio of projects under progress has about $5 billion US. Thanks to their partners in the Middle East there is $1 trillion US of additional funds available to invest in new ventures.

The company recently opened an investment fund in Chicago and expected to acquire a 75 Hotels Group in Manhattan. The large investment firm has expanded its powerful reach into a real estate project in Mexico as well. This global reach helped the firm establish key relationships with local and international mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds, market counterparts, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, and other business. 

The company is known for using a very entrepreneurial approach to help the organizations they acquire with management assistance. It doesn't matter the size of the industry. If there are demand and proof of growth in the particular space, then there is a way to establish long-term development growth organically and externally. Gaetano Holdings has projects in energy, petroleum, automotive industry, hotel industry, bank / finance and the healthcare industry.

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